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Care and support to help you live at home
We want to support people to live their lives as independently as possible. We can provide advice and information and tell you how to find facilities and community services that can support you. If you are eligible for our financial help and have a personal budget, you could choose to have a Direct Payment and access the market place to make your own arrangements.

If you choose for us to make the arrangements for you, we will usually select the most appropriate services from the list below.

  • Equipment to help you live independently 

  • Homecare

  • Somerset Community Meals Service 

  • Support for carers 

  • Sitting Service 

  • Short breaks 

  • Daytime support and activities 

For more information about any of these services please use the links in the 'related services' section of this page.

To start with, most people will be supported by our Independent Living Team.

Homecare services are provided by experienced and trained care workers who work for private care providers registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

Care workers can help you with things you may be finding more difficult or can no longer do, such as getting up and dressed, and some practical household tasks to help you stay as independent as possible. They can also support your carer with these tasks or to give them a break. This is often for a short time until you can manage for yourself again, or it can sometimes be for longer.

They can help you with your personal care, for example, helping you to:

  • Wash

  • Get to the toilet

  • Get out of bed and dressed

  • Undress and get into bed

  • Do these things for yourself again

We do not normally provide domestic help like bed-making, cleaning, laundry or shopping.

If you find it difficult to do your shopping it may be worth having it delivered by a local shop or ordering it online. To do that you will have to contact them or visit their website if they have one.
To start with, our Independent Living Team will normally support people who need home care. This will make sure the care and support that you need is right for you.

They will arrange for you to receive your care from a regular group of carers. The time your carer visits should be agreed between you and your care provider.

Please remember that care workers may have a lot of people to see (as many people want to get up around the same time). If they are unavoidably delayed they will try and let you know. The times in this example are a guide.

  • Getting up: between 7am and 10am

  • Lunch: between 12 noon and 2pm

  • Tea: between 4pm and 6.30pm

  • Going to bed: the time can be agreed between you and the care provider but will not be later that 9.30pm, and it shouldn't be before the time you have asked for it to be.

If you have things you have to do at fixed times, for example taking your medicine, this can be agreed with your care provider. However, your care worker is allowed to visit up to half an hour before or after that time. Please, only phone the care provider if your care worker is more than half an hour early or late.

To find out more please read our information sheetFairer charging for care and self-directed support at home'.

Your care provider will invoice you directly for your contribution.

What if I move house?
If you have a personal budget from us and plan to move home, please contact us so we can make sure that your care arrangements continue when you move. This could be for you and your carer if you have one.

If you are moving to another Local Authority area, for example from Somerset to another county, with your permission, we will let your new social services offices know.

They may wish to contact you to talk about your care needs before you move. We will provide them with your care and financial assessment information, personal budget allocation, and care and support plan so that they can make sure the same level of service is ready for you when you arrive in your new home.

They will probably contact you soon after you arrive to make sure you are happy with the arrangements and to see if anything needs to be changed.

Buying care privately
You can choose to buy the home care services you want privately from a Care Provider without involving us, or you can pay to add to what we provide. A good way to do this is for us to give you a Direct Payment so you can buy care with a mixture of our money and your own.

If you buy help privately you can choose the type of help you receive and the amount you want. If you would like more information about care providers in your area, please phone us on 0300 123 2224. You can also find out about organisations that provide home care on the Care Quality Commission (CQC) website.

The Somerset Care Services Directory lists the registered care providers in Somerset and provides information about how to access care services. For a paper copy please phone Somerset Direct on 0300 123 2224. You can download a copy.


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