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There are times when some people find it difficult to look after themselves at home. This can happen gradually, or because of a sudden illness or accident. 

Many people in this position will be able to stay at home with help from their family and friends, and the right care and support. 

You can talk to a social worker, a volunteer or community agent at a Community Connect drop-in. You can find all the dates and venues here The team at the drop-in can help with everything, from finding a local social group and support with money, to help with transport or support for carers - and you may find an alternative to help you stay in your own home for longer.

For some people, a move to sheltered housing or another type of accommodation may be a good alternative. For others, a care home may provide the level of care and support they need.

Choosing the right care home is important. Please see our information sheet 'D1: Choosing a care home'. This has lots of information about things to consider, different types of care home and who to talk to for independent advice.

The Somerset Choices website, and the Somerset Care Services Directory provide lists of care homes in Somerset. 

If you think you might need help in paying towards a care home place, a Social Care Worker can visit you and complete an assessment to see if you are eligible. Please see our Information sheet D2 Paying for residential care

If, following your assessment, it is agreed that moving to a residential or nursing home will be the best way for you to be cared for, we can help you with the process if you have no one else to help you.

We recommend that you get independent advice. There are several organisations that can help you. The Care Quality Commission (CQC) registers and inspects all care homes. They publish reports on their website about the quality of care homes, which we recommend you look at before making a decision. 

See a map of Care Quality Commission ratings of Somerset care locations on the Somerset Intelligence website.

The CQC is also the organisation you should go to if you have a complaint about a care home. To find out more, go to the CQC website.


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