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Short breaks for carers


We can arrange short-term breaks after you or your carer have been assessed. This service is usually used to support carers in their caring role. You can apply for a short break by phoning us on 0300 123 2224.

Short breaks give carers and the people they care for the opportunity to have a break from their caring role. People who want a short break must have an assessment. Short breaks used to be known as ‘respite care’.

A short break at home allows you to stay at home while your carer takes a break. An increased package of home care support, which may include night care, or a short break in a care home, can be arranged.

Short breaks can also be arranged for people whose assessment shows that:

  • It may be a way of managing a temporary crisis or temporary deterioration in their health.
  • It will help them regain skills lost because of a lack of confidence, loss of motivation or depression.
  • They will benefit from a holiday break and need a similar level of personal care in their holiday location.

All short breaks are booked in advance and have a fixed end date. If, for any reason, you need to extend this break, we will carry out a reassessment and agree a new support plan. Your first break will be arranged by your social care worker. They will explain to you how to arrange further breaks.

We can arrange breaks or you can have a Direct Payment so you can pay for and arrange your own break. If you wish to arrange your own break, Enham can give you advice. People with less than our capital threshold pay a flat rate charge, apart from the following services, which are free:

  • Help in crisis

  • Day care. There is no charge for day care but people have to pay for transport and meals


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For a more detailed conversation please phone 0300 123 2224
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