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Request permission for decorations across the road

Section 178 of the Highways Act 1980 enables us to grant consent for the placing of any overhead banner, bunting, flags or other similar apparatus (such as Christmas decorations) over, along or across a road, as long as they meet with our terms and conditions. 

You can request permission online by using the the applicable link below.

Application to place a structure projecting over or under the highway

Application to change a structure projecting over or under the highway

When contacting us please provide the following:  

  • Your name and telephone number, in case we need to contact you
  • The proposed location of the banner, flags, including the road name  

Or you can download and fill in an application form. Please return your completed application form to your local area highways office.


Where a banner, decorations contains information relating to commercial advertising, the applicant must first get the necessary planning consent from the local district council.

Items may be erected no more than 7 days before an event and must be removed within 3 days following the event.

The applicant must provide Public Liability Insurance cover of £5 million and agree to indemnify Somerset County Council against all claims in respect of any loss, injury (including death) sustained by any person or damage occurring to any property, arising in any way whatsoever from the erection, presence and removal of the banner, bunting and decorations and all associated costs, charges and expenses paid or incurred.

Please see our application form for full terms and conditions.

What happens next? 

Tacit Consent
Tacit consent means that if we have not dealt with your application within the target period specified then your application will have been deemed to have been granted/approved.

Please note that the target period only begins on receipt of a fully completed application.

Public Register
To access information on structures on the highway in Somerset please contact us.

Some applications may be refused and in these circumstances reasons will be given.

How long does it take?
We will process your completed application form within 10 working days. There is no cost for the permit.

Laws and regulation
The Highways Act 1980, Section 178 



Contact: Roads and Transport Team
Phone: 0300 123 2224
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm, Saturday and Sunday closed.

If there is an urgent problem outside these hours and it is a risk to public safety please phone the police on 101.

If you need to visit a highway area office you can find the address of your local office here.

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