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Paying our Suppliers


We process invoices received from organisations and individuals that we have purchased goods and services from, or who we are making grants and other contributions to.Our aim is to make sure our payment reaches you securely and in accordance with previously agreed terms and conditions.

Your payment from Somerset County Council

  • For speed and security, we would prefer to pay you by electronic payment direct to your bank account (BACS), therefore please ensure that we have your bank details so that we can set you up on the system
  • Where we don't have your bank details, your payment will be made by cheque
  • Some services within the Council are able to pay by purchasing card directly into your account, this requires no invoice

So that your invoice can be paid promptly, please ensure:

  • That you have received an official order (except with purchase cards where no order is required). Please note that no invoice can be paid without an official order.
  • That your invoice complies with HM Revenue and Customs invoice requirements. For information on this please refer to HM Revenue and Customs website:¬†
  • You send your invoice to the correct address for payment, which for the majority of cases will be: PO Box 868, TA1 9GU.

What happens next?

Remittance Advice notes will be issued on the following basis:

  • For cheque payments a tear-off remittance advice note is attached to the cheque
  • For BACS depending on the details you supply the remittance advice note will be e-mailed or faxed or posted
  • For purchase cards there is no remittance advice note

How long does it take?
We aim to make payments to suppliers in accordance with their previously agreed terms and conditions.

More information
If you need more information about the payment of your invoice please contact the Accounts Payable team on 0344 9800115, or email

For any questions about your purchase order please contact the specific County Council department that is ordering the goods or services from you.

Where there is a dispute over the service or goods provided, the part of Somerset County Council which placed the order will liaise with the supplier to resolve the issue. The Council's Strategic Procurement Service will also be involved where necessary.

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