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Representation for providers


This page tells you how childcare providers are represented at decision-making bodies and how providers’ voices can be heard.

The Somerset Education Partnership Board 
This is the main body for consulting on, shaping and directing policies and service provision in relation to schools and education settings. It is a significant partnership involving schools, academies, early years providers and the Local Authority, led by schools, on behalf of education providers in Somerset. 

Early Years sub-group of Schools Forum
This group reports to the Schools Forum on all aspects of early years funding. It’s role is to explore the impact of funding decisions in relation to the sufficiency and quality of early years provision in Somerset and make proposals to the local authority with regard to future funding.

The Early Years Partnership
Professionals with an interest in the early years agenda meet together with representatives from the early years workforce to share information and agree joint strategies to improve outcomes for all children, young people and their families.

The partnership provides a forum to facilitate collaborative working and this group feeds into Early years sub group and The Somerset Education Partnership Board.

Early Years Provider Clusters
Early Years practitioners meet locally to share information and good practice. Each Cluster Group has a designated ‘Lead’ who liaises with the Early Years Executive Liaison Officer and feeds back to the Cluster. Here is a list of the lead contacts.

Lead Childminders
These facilitate peer support opportunities by arranging drop in sessions and network meetings for childminders within the reaches of designated Children’s Centres. The Lead Childminders meet regularly for support and development. They regularly cascade information to and from the local authority.

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