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Apply for a child performance licence


Children must be licensed by their local authority if they

  • perform on stage

  • perform in television, film, commercial or modelling work,

  • take part in paid or professional sport


  • they are paid, or

  • they need to be absent from school, or

  • they will perform for more than four days in any six-month period

Organisations which plan to use children in performance, sport or modelling should apply for a licence at least 21 days before the first rehearsal or performance. People who want to apply for a chaperone licence should apply 8 weeks in advance. The application forms are in the Information and Resources section of this page.

  • Part 1 of the form should be completed by the producer of the performance 
  • Part 2 of the form should be completed by the parent of each child involved in the performance.
  • Part 3 of the form should be completed by the teacher if school time will be missed because of the performance (including rehearsals)

There is full guidance for licence holders and chaperones in our Information for Chaperones and Licence Holders document.

Any enquiries about children in entertainment should be directed to

Children who take part in public performances or entertainment under a licence issued by the local authority must be supervised by an approved chaperone - unless they are in the care of their parent or an agreed tutor.

The role of the chaperone is to protect the child's health, safety and welfare while they are where the performance is taking place. There is more information about the chaparone's role and responsibilities on our 'Apply to become a chaperone' page  and in the 'Role of the Chaperone' document, which is also in the Information and Resources section of this page.


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