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The Local Government Boundary Commission completed a review of the County Council electoral divisions and the changes are effective for the 2013 County Council elections on 2 May 2013.

County Council Elections
The next County Council elections will be held on 2 May 2013. The organisation of elections is undertaken on the County Council's behalf by the five District Councils in Somerset. If you require any more information about the process and timetable for the elections then you should contact the relevant District Council for the area in which you live.

Further information about the elections and how to become a County Councillor can be found on the County Council's web page 'How to become a Councillor'

Somerset Electoral Review
This review was conducted by the Local Government Boundary Commission for England (LGBCE) who are responsible for making recommendations to Parliament about representative arrangements for local authorities in England. The LGBCE consulted Somerset County Council, District Councils, Parish and Town Councils and local communities on their proposals for Somerset.

The main purpose of the review is to try to ensure that each County Councillor represents around the same number of people and that there is electoral balance across the county. The conclusion of the review resulted in changes to electoral division boundaries and reduced the number of County Councillors from 58 to 55.

The LGBCE identified electoral inequalities in some 40% of the 58 county council electoral divisions according to their tolerance indicators. This meant that many of our electoral divisions have too many or too few electors per councillor compared to the average for the county. The electoral divisions affected are spread across the county so the review encompassed the whole county.

Conclusion of the Review
Following consideration of consultation responses, the LGBCE published their final recommendations on 26 June 2012. Details of the LGBCE's recommendations for Somerset and detailed maps can be found on their website LGBCE's website.

Hard copies of the LGBCE proposals can be viewed at County Hall Taunton, District Council main offices and several town libraries across the County.

The review was agreed by Parliament and provided for new electoral arrangements for the council based upon a reduction from 58 divisions to 54 divisions (including a two member division to represent Glastonbury and Street) to be effective for the local elections in 2013.

Details of the council's response and the LGBCE's final recommendations can be viewed on this web page. Some of the detailed maps for parts of Somerset can be viewed on the LGBCE website.

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