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Transferring school early or late


If you feel there are exceptional reasons why your child should be kept back a year (delayed admission) or transfer school a year early, this is something you can request.

If admission outside the normal age group is agreed, there is no guarantee that the school the pupil transfers to - or moves to in the case of an in-year admission - will also agree to this. The pupil could then be placed back in the normal age group causing them to miss or repeat a year. 

If your child is being taught outside the normal age group at one school, you must make a new application if you wish this to continue into the next stage of the child’s education, when they would normally be due to move schools. 

This is an important decision, and you must consider a number of factors. So, please carefully read this important information first.

You must still make an on-time school place application but can apply for your child’s admission to be delayed or for them to transfer school a year early at the same time. Application for delayed admission.

If it is agreed that your child’s admission can be delayed, or they can transfer a year early, this will only apply specifically to that school. So, we recommend that you request delayed admission, or to transfer a year early, at all your preferred schools - not just your first preference school. 

We also recommend that you include your catchment school as one of your preferences. This does not guarantee a place but does provide a priority in most cases.

Your school place application will be considered against the Published Admission Number for each school and the over-subscription criteria will be applied if the school has more applicants than places available. If we cannot offer a place at any of your preferences there is no guarantee that delayed admission or transferring school a year early would be agreed at an alternative school.

The admission authority of each school will make decisions on a case-by-case basis. The headteacher of each school will be consulted as part of this process. The admissions authority must clearly set out the reasons for the decision in writing.

As long as you have made an on-time school place application, we will make sure you receive an outcome to your request before the secondary national offer date. 

If your request for delayed entry is agreed, your school place application will be withdrawn before a place is offered and you must then make a new school place application for the following year.

If your request for early admission is agreed, your school place application will be processed and you will receive an outcome on the National Offer Day.

If your request is refused, there is no right of appeal against the decision not to allow your child to be admitted outside of their normal age group.

If your child has had delayed admission or a request to transfer school early agreed, you may be unable to apply online - as the system will not recognise your child’s date of birth. In these circumstances, please contact us for advice.

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