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School term dates and holidays

Somerset County Council is responsible for publishing school term dates and holiday information. Information for the current and next academic years are shown here. Printable calendar versions are available from our Somerset iPost website



2013-2014 academic year

2014-2015 academic year

Term 1

2 September - 25 October 2013

1 September - 24 October 2014

Term 2

4 November - 20 December 2013

3 November - 19 December 2014

Term 3

6 January - 14 February 2014

5 January - 13 February 2015

Term 4

24 February - 4 April 2014

23 February - 27 March 2015

Term 5

22 April - 23 May 2014

13 April - 22 May 2015

Term 6

2 June - 22 July 2014

1 June - 20 July 2015

INSET days
These are training and development days for school staff and there are five per academic year.

Each school will determine when their own INSET days take place and will inform parents directly. Usually they are taken at the beginning or end of an existing school holiday, but they can be arranged for any day of the advertised school year.

You can find out a school's INSET dates by contacting them directly.  During school holidays and closures our Roads and Transport Team (0845 345 9155) can provide this information, who have these dates for each school for school transport reasons.

Absence from school during term time
In order to do well, children and young people need to attend school. There are 14 complete weeks holiday in a school year and Somerset County Council and the Government believe that family holidays should be taken during these school holiday periods in order that children's education is not disrupted.

Parents and carers may request leave during term time and the decision whether such requests are authorised rests with the child's head teacher. Requests are usually only authorised where there are exceptional circumstances preventing the holiday being taken outside of term time.

How do I use it?
Each year a total of 195 school days are identified and all schools are able to choose 5 INSET days which best suit them.  In other words, pupils attend school for 190 days each year.  It is the responsibility of each school to notify its parents and staff which dates have been identified for INSET.


Contact: Children and Young People's Team
Address: Customer Contact, PO Box 618, Taunton, Somerset TA1 3WF
Contact no: 0845 345 9122
Fax: 01823 321187
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm, Saturday 9am to 4pm, closed Sunday.


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