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The governing body of each school decides on the uniform policy or dress code, and it is the headteacher's responsibility to make sure pupils keep to the rules. If you have any complaints about the uniform policy or dress code, talk to the school governing body.

It should be noted that some school uniforms are only available from a limited number of outlets or in some cases only one.

Despite leaflets provided by the Department for Work and Pensions stating that "grants may be available from your local council", this is not applicable to residents in Somerset because we do not provide this grant. 

The following options may be available to you:

  • You may contact your child's school about any discounts available at their local shops or whether the school has the option of buying nearly new items of school uniform. 
  • You could contact your local Parish Council for help/advice. 
  • You may contact your local Citizens Advice Bureau who may know of local charities that may be able to help. 
  • Residents of Taunton Deane, Wellington and Wiveliscombe can apply to an organisation known as the Taunton Heritage Trust. You will need to contact Taunton Social Services on 01823 357901 and ask to speak to the Customer Care Worker who will verify if you are eligible and can make an application on your behalf.

Schools will determine their own standards of dress as part of their school uniform policy.
Therefore schools may differ on what is expected as suitable footwear, length of hair etc.
Schools wherever possible should take into consideration costs and have regard to cultural and religious requirements and special needs issues. 

You should be aware that you are agreeing to the schools policies by sending your child to the school. Any complaints regarding appropriate dress standards are a local management issue and should be referred back to the school’s Headteacher, Governing Body or Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator.

How might a school react to a body piercing or jewellery?

No County guidance exists on this subject. All schools need to state quite clearly in their school prospectus what their policy is on body piercing and jewellery.

Depending on the school policy some schools will allow a pupil to wear a clear bar or others may not allow this at all and want the piercing or jewellery to be removed completely. If your child goes ahead and breaks the school policy then the school is within their rights to discipline them. 

You are advised to check with the school what their policy is before proceeding.

If the piercing were to be carried out at the beginning of the summer term so that the wound has time to heal, it could then be removed during school time and be replaced when the pupil returns home. The main concern in schools are issues relating to health and safety and the injuries that may occur from the piercing being torn from the body and the risk of infections being transferred through the blood system. It may be appropriate from a health and safety perspective to remove some types of studs particularly for PE type activities.

If you as a parent disagree with the way your child has been disciplined then this is a local management issue and should be referred back to the school through the complaints procedure.

For further information please visit the DirectGov website's School Uniform page. 


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