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Apply for a non-material amendment following a grant of planning permission

Apply to make a minor non-material amendment to a planning permission granted by us, such as changing a finish or moving a door or window.

About this service
Due to recent changes to legislation a new procedure for applying to make a small non-material minor amendment to a planning permission has been introduced by Central Government.

Who can use it?
An applicant or agent who submitted the application requiring an amendment  can apply.

How do I use it?
You can submit your application by using the form listed under ‘Information and Resources’. This can be downloaded and submitted to us by post or email.  Alternatively you are now able to submit your application electronically via the Planning Portal website.  

We encourage you to read our Planning Control Pre-Application Advice Protocol before submitting an application. The Protocol sets out the benefits of seeking pre-application advice, what you can expect from us during the process, and what we expect from you. Please contact us to discuss your proposals before submitting an application.

What happens next?
When we receive a valid application we will write to you acknowledging receipt and will inform you of the name of the officer dealing with your application.

If your application is successful, the result will be an amendment to the original planning permission. No new planning permission is created.

What is covered?
Small non-material minor amendments to an existing planning permission such as changing a finish or moving a door or window.  Whether or not a proposed amendment is non-material will depend on the circumstances of the case; for example moving a window could be material if it results in the overlooking of a neighbour but could be non-material if it does not.

How long does it take?
We will endeavour to give notice in writing of our decision on the application within 28 days of receipt of the application or such longer period as may be agreed between the applicant and us.

How much does it cost?
Planning fees are set by Central Government. Please refer to the Schedule of Planning Fees in the Information and Resources section. 

The Code of Planning Practice provides a clear statement of expectation of conduct and procedures to be followed, so that decisions are made and can be seen to have been made in a proper manner. 

Please read the Planning Control Pre-application advice protocol before submitting an application.

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