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Apply for planning permission for a minerals development


You can apply for planning permission for mineral related developments, such as mineral extraction and ancillary works, quarries, peat workings and processing plants in Somerset. We monitor the sites regularly and take enforcement action when appropriate.

Anyone can submit a planning application, but because of the complexity of the information required to be submitted with a mineral related planning application, we recommend that a planning agent is used to submit mineral applications. 

Mineral developments include:

  • Extraction of minerals (quarrying) 
  • Extraction of peat 
  • Erection or installation of plant, machinery and buildings ancillary to mineral operations. 
  • Review of Mineral Permission (ROMP) applications  

Mineral planning applications are not included in the National Planning Application set of forms (1APP), but you can submit an application relating to mineral developments by using the online application forms on the Somerset Planning Portal, or by downloading the Mineral Planning Application Form to submit it by post. Guidance on completing a Mineral Planning Application is also given in the Notes For Users which are in the Information and Resources section.

We encourage you to read our Planning Control Pre-application Advice Protocol and the Monitoring of Mineral and Waste Planning Permissions Site Monitoring leaflet before submitting an application. The Protocol sets out the benefits of seeking pre-application advice, what you can expect from us during the process, and what we expect from you. This can also be found in the Information and Resources section of this page. Please contact us to discuss your proposals before submitting an application by phoning us or by completing the online form.

Applications must be accompanied by:

  • a completed certificate under Section 65 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 with their application 

and if the owners of the land (or any part of the land) included in the application are not known:

  • a notice under Article 11 of the Town and Country Planning (Development Management Procedure) Order 2010 may also be required. This notice must be published in a local newspaper circulating in the locality in which the application is situated. 

When we receive a valid planning application we will write to you acknowledging receipt and will inform you of:

  • the application reference number 
  • the name of the officer dealing with your application 
  • the anticipated date when we expect to take the application to the Regulation Committee for determination  

We will endeavour to determine mineral applications within 13 weeks of receipt of a valid application, unless a Planning Performance Agreement is in place which may set a different timescale for determination. 

Planning fees are set by the Government. The fee payable depends on the nature and size of the development. Please refer to the Schedule of Planning Fees in the Information and Resources section.  

The 'Code of Planning Practice' provides a clear statement of expectation of conduct and procedures to be followed, so that decisions are made and can be seen to have been made in a proper manner. 

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