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Apply for consent to hold a motor event on a public right of way


To hold a motor vehicle event (motorcycle trial or car rally) on any public right of way, you will need to seek consent from us. Written consent is required from all landowners as well as adequate insurance.

Consent for motor vehicle events is given under the Road Traffic Act 1988. If the organisers fail to meet their obligations under the Act and/or the certificate of consent, then we may withdraw our consent.

Who can use it?
Anyone can apply for consent as long as they can provide evidence of written consent from all landowners affected; they have adequate insurance and adhere to the conditions of consent.

How do I use it?
To apply, simply fill in the application form and return with completed landowner consent forms, both can be found under Information and resources, and a cheque to cover administration charges to the address given on the form. Where other people are affected please get them to fill out the consent form and attach this to your application.

What happens next?
Your application will be processed and local consultation will take place as required. If your application is approved, you will be sent a certificate of consent setting out the conditions that you must comply with.

What is covered?
The processing of the application and provision of the certificate of consent. Signing and stewarding of the event is the responsibility of the organiser.

How long does it take?
Applications are usually determined within 4 to 6 weeks.

How much does it cost?
We charge £25 per hour for officer time. Further details can be found under Information and Resources.

Consent of motor vehicle events is covered in the Maintenance and Enforcement Policy which is under Information and resources.

General information
If you have an objection to an authorised event, please contact us. We will deal with objections on a case by case basis.

Organisers of motor vehicle events will be held responsible for any damage to the public rights of way used and any adjoining structures or signage. All vehicles participating in the event must have Third Party insurance. Adequate signing and stewarding is required to warn users of the public rights of way of the event, particularly at junctions of paths with roads.

The organising body/person must be able to indemnify us against any legal liability in respect of any claims arising from the authorisation, as well as any expenses incurred in defending such a claim.

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