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You can ask for personal information we hold about you.

In some situations you can ask for personal information about someone else. We will tell you if we need to ask for their written permission to allow us to share their information with you.

You can make a request by

  • Filling in the ‘Application to see personal information' form and sending it to us with copies of your identification
  • Sending us an email or a letter containing the information you are asking for, along with copies of your identification

We will acknowledge your request when we receive it, and tell you if we need any more information, such as your proof of parental responsibility, or power of attorney, so that we can proceed with your request. We may need to ask you other things. 

Once we have all the information that allows us to proceed, we should then send you a response within 40 calendar days. 

Contact details 

Information Governance Team
Floor C5
County Hall 
TA1 4DY  

The Data Protection Act gives you rights to access the information we hold about you (subject to any exemptions). 

In general, personal information will only be given to the person who the information is about (known as 'the data subject'), once we have confirmed their identity, and we have the information to help us locate the information being requested. 

Some circumstances allow another person to request information about someone else. There is no automatic right to this information.

Here are two examples of this

  • a parent may be able to request information about their child (where they do not understand what this means - normally this applies to children under the age of 12) if you provide proof of parental responsibility 
  • a named person can request information about someone where they have been granted the right to act on their behalf through a Power of Attorney (evidence of this needs to be provided). 

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