Somerset County Council

Disclosure Log of Freedom of Information Requests

ReferenceSubject of QuestionRequest received
141729Troubled Families and DAAT Team08/04/2015
141731Transport 08/04/2015
141733Local transport schemes funded by the...08/04/2015
141727Details regarding maintenance of grass...07/04/2015
141725Price for a travellers pitch07/04/2015
141722Parking Tickets05/04/2015
141724Safety Inspections in relation to A37...02/04/2015
141720Pension Fund Information 02/04/2015
141716Casual and zero hour contracts 01/04/2015
141714IT maintenance support contracts01/04/2015
141715Discretionary Housing Payments01/04/2015
141717Primary school places01/04/2015
141719Reports relating to a claim01/04/2015
141711School catering services31/03/2015
141712Budget spend 31/03/2015
141713Serious case reviews 31/03/2015
141706Hate crime data30/03/2015
141703 Places arising from the Jurston Farrm...30/03/2015
141705Traffic Mitigation and management in...30/03/2015
141707Standards Panel spend30/03/2015
141699Literature prevention of Radicalisation29/03/2015
141702 Knives in Schools29/03/2015
141708Teachers verbally abused by a pupil 27/03/2015
141695Children in Care27/03/2015
141697Alcohol and Drug Treatment 27/03/2015
141694School Teacher FTE27/03/2015
141696Childrens Social Care IT27/03/2015
141690Care Order Applications26/03/2015
141692Vexatious Requests26/03/2015
141691Solar Panels26/03/2015
141693Computing Curriculum26/03/2015
141683Motorway Service Stations25/03/2015
141688 Domiciliary Care 25/03/2015
141685Adult Social Care IT25/03/2015
141682 Meadows Way re-surfacing24/03/2015
141678West Somerset Railway Bid24/03/2015
141673 School places in planning areas23/03/2015
14164614/02554/OUT Primrose Lane / Up Mudford...23/03/2015
141669 Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act...23/03/2015
141672Primary school places23/03/2015
141662Disciplinary Actions20/03/2015
141658Birchfield School uifsm application19/03/2015
141653Infant School Sizes 18/03/2015
141654Children Looked After18/03/2015
141647Commercial Properties 17/03/2015
141651Payments between the Council and FIVE...17/03/2015
141650Multidimensional Treatment Foster Care...17/03/2015
141641Fire and Security Equiptment16/03/2015
141640 Fraudulent References16/03/2015

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