Somerset County Council

Disclosure Log of Freedom of Information Requests

ReferenceSubject of QuestionRequest received
141642Finance Journals16/03/2015
141636Investment in drug and alcohol...13/03/2015
141623School Management Systems 13/03/2015
141637Meeting Notes for Jurston Farm...13/03/2015
141635Children at risk of radicalisation13/03/2015
141618 Independent Living Fund12/03/2015
141622Staff level sickness12/03/2015
141614Vacancies and self funders in adult...11/03/2015
141611141611 - Budget for deaf/hearing...11/03/2015
141612Adult Social Care11/03/2015
141619Domestic Abuse and cost models11/03/2015
141602Number of referrals from SCC to...10/03/2015
141605Highways Maintenance budgets, activity...10/03/2015
141607 Copy of report from Standards panel...10/03/2015
141591Direct Payments/Personal Budgets09/03/2015
141592Follow up to 141539 (somerset Direct...09/03/2015
141595 Inspection reports B3134 09/03/2015
141597 Datasets 09/03/2015
141594Parking Fines09/03/2015
141601Lender option borrower option loans09/03/2015
141524 Mining Plans09/03/2015
141598Spending or promotion of the arts09/03/2015
141587 Data sets 06/03/2015
141589Disabled Children Register06/03/2015
141625Restrictions on 'on street parking'06/03/2015
141584Use of voluntary labour for road...04/03/2015
141575 Volunteers taking on roles previously...03/03/2015
141577 Framework agreement contract03/03/2015
141579 CoSex Education03/03/2015
141574 Datasets03/03/2015
141588 Parking information02/03/2015
141569School Exclusions02/03/2015
141570Children missing education28/02/2015
141564Sheltered Accommodation27/02/2015
141566Standards panel regarding David...27/02/2015
141558School Places26/02/2015
141559Parking fines26/02/2015
141561Home Education26/02/2015
141560Staffing Data25/02/2015
141555Details of any new outstanding...25/02/2015
141568Project Directory25/02/2015
141548Land and Basin at Bridgwater Docks24/02/2015
141549Cables on the B4633 Superfast ...24/02/2015
141551Salary Supplements23/02/2015
141545Selling of data we hold on individuals23/02/2015
141546Directed Support (personal budgets)23/02/2015
141542Payments to Celebrities20/02/2015
141539Somerset Direct training20/02/2015
141544Contracted highway services20/02/2015
141536School Admissions19/02/2015

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