Somerset County Council

Disclosure Log of Freedom of Information Requests

ReferenceSubject of QuestionRequest received
141532 M5 Bridge works18/02/2015
141531Graduate Schemes and Internships18/02/2015
141533A37 Dorchester Road18/02/2015
141519Private equity17/02/2015
141526Speed Limit Changes17/02/2015
141528Care for the elderly17/02/2015
141520Child Safeguarding Referrals17/02/2015
141527Datasets 17/02/2015
141509EIR Fees16/02/2015
141513Redundancy after Maternity Leave16/02/2015
141516 Children and Young people with Autism16/02/2015
141517Pavement Parking 16/02/2015
141504Number of Social Workers13/02/2015
141503Pension Fund Deficit13/02/2015
141496Returining officer for May's Election12/02/2015
141495OAP Bus Passes12/02/2015
141498Council Owned Empty Properties12/02/2015
141497 Teachers with criminal convictions12/02/2015
141500 Social Care Charges 12/02/2015
141488 Parking Tickets11/02/2015
141490Councillors who are landlords11/02/2015
14149250 Shades of Grey library borrowing11/02/2015
141493Procurement and Finance contact details11/02/2015
141491Educational Psychologists11/02/2015
141485Investments with Greek banks11/02/2015
141489Domestic Violence Spend11/02/2015
141483Youth service funding and staffing10/02/2015
141482Contact details for the Corporate...10/02/2015
141667SID in Pilton10/02/2015
141471Agency Supply Teachers 09/02/2015
141472College of Social Work09/02/2015
141479Domestic Violence Budgets 09/02/2015
141505 Library statistics 09/02/2015
141468 FOI and DSAR target times - attachment...06/02/2015
141470 A39 Glastonbury 06/02/2015
141463Highway Development Control, standard...05/02/2015
141464Culvert blocked drain04/02/2015
141460aSafeguarding issues in Learning...03/02/2015
141458Social Care02/02/2015
141486Planning Costs02/02/2015
141459Statutory Sick Pay31/01/2015
141456Educational Psychology Service Funding30/01/2015
141455 Care funding and living wage30/01/2015
141450Blue Badge Holders29/01/2015
141448Residential care28/01/2015
141447Looked after children in Schools28/01/2015
141445Structure of Children's Services27/01/2015
141436KS2 test writing moderation23/01/2015
141437 Public sector IT costs23/01/2015

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