Somerset County Council

Disclosure Log of Freedom of Information Requests

ReferenceSubject of QuestionRequest received
141435 Tracking Young People22/01/2015
141430 Social Media Policy21/01/2015
141431Somerset UIFSM funding applications 21/01/2015
141429Use of agency nurses21/01/2015
141417 Living Wage20/01/2015
141426Boyton Lane between Ilminster and...20/01/2015
141414Childrens Centres19/01/2015
141418Traffic Management19/01/2015
141415 Bearberry Meadow Adoption 19/01/2015
141409Personal Injury Claims16/01/2015
141411Road and Footpath Compensation 16/01/2015
141407West Street Dunster 16/01/2015
141408Independent Living Fund 16/01/2015
141410Staff disciplined for data breaches16/01/2015
141412Academy Status and Debt16/01/2015
141404 Tree cutting15/01/2015
141400 Schools14/01/2015
141401141401 - Council Training 14/01/2015
141396 Home care services13/01/2015
141390ICT Infrastructure12/01/2015
141383Amount of tax payers money allocated to...12/01/2015
141389Travel and Substance Expenses for...12/01/2015
141378aFoster care and missing children09/01/2015
141369 Highway status correspondence with...06/01/2015
141367Payments to British Telecom regarding...06/01/2015
141368 Invoices for revenue costs for Devon...06/01/2015
141359Unauthorised Encampments05/01/2015
141365 Nurseries receiving state funding05/01/2015
141357Sexual Abuse Complaints02/01/2015
141353Private Companies in Schools02/01/2015
141356Social Service Referals02/01/2015
141344Traffic calming scheme installed on...29/12/2014
141337Learining Disability Support24/12/2014
141342 Email correspondence Stock Road/ Water...24/12/2014
141331Filtering Software22/12/2014
141334Deprivation of Assets19/12/2014
141327Weight Management Programme19/12/2014
141325Communications / Public Relations...18/12/2014
141317Evidence of Calibration regarding...16/12/2014
141322 ITSO Transport cards16/12/2014
141320141320 - Fee Rates 16/12/2014
141314Gap Funding Fibre Broadband15/12/2014
141319 Properties not receiving business rate15/12/2014
141312 Claims regarding sexual abuse in care12/12/2014
141310 Gypsy Sites10/12/2014
141306 Spend on Domestic violence 09/12/2014
141308 External Recruitment/staffing services09/12/2014
141301Staffing and salary data08/12/2014
141299 Budget on protectng women against...04/12/2014
141294Equal Opportunities Survey03/12/2014

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