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Step 3: Monitoring and metering energy in schools


Saving Energy at School

Why should you monitor your school's energy use?
By monitoring and measuring your energy usage you will be able to identify no-cost solutions and could save up to 10% off your fuel bills. 

Monitoring your energy use helps you to:

  • Establish a baseline and your current energy use
  • Detect waste quickly and take preventative action, for example, identification of consumption anomalies such as out of hours gas usage etc.  
  • Compare consumption against benchmarks to determine potential savings
  • Identify and rectify invoice errors quickly
  • Provide feedback to staff and pupils on savings achieved
  • Measure the success of any steps to manage and reduce energy use &
  • Can be used a valuable learning tool with pupils (maths, science and sustainability)

There are several ways to monitor your energy use.

  • Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) devices 

The Council’s Energy Management Team has installed AMR meters to gas and electricity supplies across Somerset schools (where technically feasible).

AMR gives you detailed information about your daily energy consumption.  Viewing this detail may help you spot opportunities to reduce your energy use.  For example, is the school heating set to come on too early; staying on too late?  Does the level of electricity use drop off in the evening, or does usage remain high showing that lights, monitors, or other electrical equipment may have been left on when the school is not being used?

You can view your AMR data and copies of your energy bills online using the online energy management tool The Energy Viewer. A link to the Energy Viewer can be found in the Related Services section on this page. 

  • Read your utility meters

If you have meters that are not covered by AMR, meters should be read monthly but larger schools may wish to take readings more frequently.

The Meter Reading Guide in the information and resources section shows you how to read several different types of electricity and gas meters. 

Having read the meters, it is important to record and analyse the data. If targets are set, it is useful to compare consumption against these and plot progress.

Involving Pupils
Using The Energy Viewer tool or reading meters to record and analyse data provides an ideal opportunity for pupils to get involved in understanding energy use and data handling.

Next Step
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