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Step 5: Setting a target and writing an energy action plan


Setting a reduction target

Once you have identified your consumption either by taking meter readings or by using The Energy Viewer, compared your schools performance against benchmarks and inspected the school to see where wasteful activity is taking place, you can begin to set targets. Make sure these are:

Measurable: For example, a measurable target would be to reduce electricity use by 5% or water use by 15%.

Realistic: a 40% reduction in a year is unlikely to be realistic. Moreover, a failure to achieve such targets can undermine confidence and reduce enthusiasm in the project.

Time limited: you need to know when the targets should be met, for example, within 12 months, or by the end of term.

Writing an Energy Action Plan
From your walk-rounds you should be able to produce a list of action points. Prioritise your actions so you tackle the easier, low cost measures first. When creating your action plan, allocate tasks to specific individuals and set a date for either completion or feeding back information to your school’s Energy Team. Regular progress meetings with those involved will help to keep activities from slipping and ensure that everyone feels their actions are important in reducing the overall environmental impact of your school.

Remember to report back regularly to school users, including governors and parents, on your targets and the progress made towards achieving them.

Next Step
Step 6: Using the online energy management tool - The Energy Viewer

If you purchase energy through the Council/ and or have AMR fitter on your energy meters you can view your utility bills and consumption data online via the Energy Viewer.


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