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Step 6: Using the online tool - The Energy Viewer


The Council’s Energy Team have worked with TEAM Energy Auditing Agency Ltd in the development of a new online energy monitoring and targeting tool called the ‘Energy Viewer’. 

The tool is linked to the Council’s central energy management database and is available to all schools that purchase energy via the Council’s Energy Team.

Helping your school to save money
The Energy Viewer is an online tool which contains copies of your utility bills and half hourly consumption data from any fitted AMR meters, therefore providing you with the information that you need to start managing your energy usage and reducing spend on utilities.

Using the tool you can identify any anomalies such as unexpected ‘out of hours’ energy usage and you can measure the benefits of any energy saving measures that you undertake.

Using the Energy Viewer
The Energy Viewer can be a powerful way to raise awareness of how much energy is being used across your school.

The easy-to-understand reports present your school’s energy data in an accessible way that can be shared with students as a learning resource (maths, science and sustainability etc.) Below are some ideas for using the Energy Viewer in addition to monitoring and targeting energy usage:

  • A presentation in assembly
  • Part of the curriculum
  • Engage the Eco/ Energy Team
  • Present the tool at a staff inset day or governor’s meeting 

Getting started with The Energy Viewer
A link to the Energy Viewer can be found in the Information and Resources Section on this page.

Your school’s login details have been sent to the school but if you need these details to be re-sent, please contact the Energy Team.

After logging in, you can generate a range of reports that display your electricity or gas use on a daily, monthly or annual basis. The reports allow you to identify periods of peak consumption, highlight energy waste and monitor your energy saving efforts.

Next Step
Step 7: Implementing your school’s Energy Management System


Contact: Energy Management Team

Address: Somerset County Council, Business Development, County Hall, TA1 4DY
Phone: 0300 123 2224

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm, Saturday and Sunday closed.

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