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Childcare Sufficiency


A childcare sufficiency assessment compares the supply of childcare in an area to the demand for childcare.  Demand for childcare is based on the number of children in the area, and the average national usage.  By comparing supply with demand, we can see whether there is a requirement for more childcare in an area.

Who can use it?
The Childcare Sufficiency Assessment will be of interest to anyone investigating the supply of childcare in Somerset, and the drivers behind childcare supply and demand.

When is it open?
Service available Monday to Friday, 51 weeks a Year (the exception is the week between Christmas and New Year)

Laws and regulation
The Childcare Sufficiency Assessment measures the extent of the need for childcare within each local area of Somerset compared against supply.  The content of the sufficiency assessment is contained in the Early Education and Childcare statutory guidance, part B.

The Childcare Sufficiency Assessment provides an overview of the childcare market in Somerset to be used by both Somerset County Council and existing and prospective childcare providers.

Childcare may be 'formal' - paid for by parents, (for example, childminders, pre-schools, nurseries, out of school clubs), or 'informal' - where either close family care for children or no payment changes hands (for example, Grandparents).

If you are interested in setting up a nursery and would like Somerset County Council to look at childcare sufficiency in your target area, please contact us at  or call 01823 357386.


Contact: Early Years Commissioning
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