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Somerset Mobile libraries provide a service to rural parts of the county. A selection of material is available to borrow.

The stock is exchanged at regular intervals using material from other libraries. All mobiles have wheelchair access.

The mobile libraries provide a library service to areas in Somerset where there is no static library. From August 2012, four mobile libraries rejoined the Bridgwater and Wincanton mobiles to provide a service to a further 280 communities.

There is a selection of books on many subjects, novels, large print books and books for children and other materials, such as DVDs and music CDs can be borrowed on request.

Wheelchair access is available on all vehicles. The mobile library driver will help you get on and off the vehicle.

Who can use it?
To use the Mobile Library service you just need to be a member of Somerset Libraries. You can join by completing a membership form and bringing some proof of your name and current address, such as a recent utility bill or a driving licence. A membership card will be issued to you, which you can use in any Somerset library. If you already have a Somerset library membership card, please show this to the staff.

How do I use it?
You can borrow up to 20 items. Books borrowed from mobile libraries are issued for 8 weeks, but other materials (DVDs, music CDs and talking books) are issued for 4 weeks, that is, one visit and for the standard loan charge. For example, the standard charge for a one-week loan of a DVD in a library will also apply to a 4-week loan of a DVD from a mobile library.

You can renew items online on the LibrariesWest website or by phone via Libraries Direct 0845 345 9177. Alternatively you can show the books to the mobile library driver for renewing and re-stamping.

If you cannot find the book you want ask the mobile library staff for help. You can also use the computer terminal which offers an on-line link to the LibrariesWest website. If the book is not on the mobile a request can be made and a fee is charged for this service.

What is covered?
Through the mobile library you have access to:
books on many subjects
large print books
books for children
Music CDs
Talking books

How long does it take?
The mobile libraries work to a four week timetable.

How much does it cost?
Although no overdue charges are applied on items borrowed from mobile libraries, borrowers are asked to return their loan items by the due date, or to request renewal. DVDs, music CDs and talking books can be borrowed for the standard loan charge

Where is it?
There are currently over 300 stops around the county serving all the rural areas. To find if there is a stop near you please refer to the complete list of routes and stops.

To find the route nearest to you use the Index to the routes to see if there is a stop near you and which mobile provides the service. Make a note of the stop code and then turn to the schedules for that mobile and find the route you need. The location of each stop is given as well as the dates of visits for the current year.

When is it open?
The complete list of routes and stops gives the dates and time of each of visit for the current year. If a visit is cancelled, the mobile library staff will try to inform all the customers on the route. Any items due that day are automatically renewed by us until the next visit. It is a good idea to write that new date on the date label.


Contact: Libraries Direct
Contact no: 0845 345 9177
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