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You can find the library catalogue for Somerset on the LibrariesWest website, and make requests from it.

The catalogue lists all the items (books, audiobooks, DVDs or any other item in stock) held by Somerset Libraries and the libraries in Bath and North East Somerset, Bristol City, Dorset, North Somerset, Poole and South Gloucestershire. 

You can also borrow eBooks from our LibariesWest website.

You can search the catalogue by:

  • title

  • author/composer/artist


  • keyword, if you are not sure of the title.

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Renewing an item

You can renew library items online on the LibrariesWest website up to ten times without bringing them to the library provided no one else has requested them. 

If the item you wish to renew is already due for return but has been requested by another borrower, you may be able to renew it for just two or three days to give you time to return it - please contact Libraries Direct on 0300 123 2224.

You can renew items by 

  • using the LibrariesWest website (card and PIN number needed) 
  • returning them to the library for reissue or renewal 
  • informing the library by post 
  • phoning Libraries Direct on 0300 123 2224 
  • using a People's Network computer in the library (card and PIN number needed)  

To renew online

  • go to the LibrariesWest website 
  • click on Your Account
  • enter your membership number 
  • enter PIN

This gives you access to what you have out on loan and the option to renew.

Reserving an item
You can request or reserve any loan item such as books, spoken word or DVDs.

You can make a request for an item by using a People's Network computer in a library, by going to the LibrariesWest website, or you can ask a member of staff to place the request for you.

You will be notified by post or email as soon as the item is available for collection. If you would like to receive notifications by email (and this will usually be quicker) please tell staff your email address.

Children may request up to 6 children’s books or talking books at any time free of charge. Items must be requested on a child’s membership card to qualify for the free request.

If the item is held by one of our LibrariesWest partners you can request it using the LibrariesWest website. We aim to supply books that are on the shelves of another library in Somerset within 7 working days. 

Our web catalogue includes items that are in stock within the LibrariesWest Consortium. If the item is not in stock in Somerset or the LibrariesWest Consortium, you can still request it. We will consider purchasing a copy if appropriate, or if it is a book title we will try to get a copy from another library in the UK through the Inter-library Loan system.

Nearly 90% of all book requests are met within 15 days.

To request multiple copies of performance material or play scripts from the Performing Arts Library, please see the Performing Arts Library page. Music sets can be borrowed on extended loan for rehearsal and performance. Drama sets can be borrowed for readings only.

How to do it
Complete and hand in a request form at your local library or ask a member of staff to place the request for you. You can also make requests using a computer terminal in the library or through the LibrariesWest website. You will need your library card and PIN number. 

There is a non-refundable fee for each request. You will be notified by email, SMS, or post as soon as the item is ready for collection. Children may request up to 6 children’s books or talking books at any time free of charge. Items must be requested on a child’s membership card to qualify for the free request. Large print books are free to request for people with a visual impairment. 

Please see our Library charges and fines page for more information.

Collecting your item
You will be notified by email, SMS or post as soon as your requested item is ready for you to collect. The item will be kept for you at the library you nominate for 14 days. If you receive notifications by post, you will receive this a few days after it became available. The notification slip asks you to collect the item within 14 days. If you have not collected the item by the date shown it will be made available for another borrower, although in the case of material borrowed from outside of LibrariesWest, staff will try to contact you to check if it is still required. 

To receive notifications by email, please give your email address to your local library, and ask them to set up email notification. Or, you can do this on the LibrariesWest website. Click on ‘My Account’. You will be asked to enter your membership number and PIN. Then edit your Personal Details to choose to be notified by email it you have previously given your email address to library staff.  

When you visit the library to collect the reserved item, please bring your membership card and PIN. If you have asked someone else to collect a reserved item for you, please ask them to take your membership card and the notification email, SMS or letter. Staff may ask that person for evidence of their identity and address, such as their library membership card or driving licence.


Contact: Libraries Direct
Phone: 0300 123 2224

Opening Hours: Monday 8am to 6pm, Tuesday to Friday 8.30am to 5.30pm, Saturday and Sunday closed.

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