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We have dedicated team members for each area; you can find details of this through the below information.

We are Commercial and Procurement, based at County Hall. We procure goods, services and works for Somerset County Council and our collaborative partners.  Made up of 'People' and 'Place' and which consists of adult, child, transport, highways, waste, economy and infrastructure. 'Business' which presides over FM, property, professional services, utilities and operations. We have dedicated team members for each area, you can find details of this below the what we do section.

We are Somerset County Council’s gateway to purchasing.

Procurement is an important driving force in Somerset County Council for identifying and realising cost efficiencies and guiding the improvement of value for money in the Council’s annual procurement spend by:

  • identifying and delivering efficiency, but not at the expense of quality,
  • developing and embracing the principles of sustainable procurement
Donna Fitzgerald - Head of commercial and procurement

'Place, Adults and Children’s' Procurement

  • Carly Wedderburn - Strategic Manager
  • Mark Brown - Service Manager
  • Rob Forse - Service Manager
  • Mark Mould - Service Manager
  • Leanne Le Moucheux - Service Manager
  • Paul Sandison - Senior Procurement Officer
  • Bill Warden - Senior Procurement Officer
  • Barbara Butera - Senior Procurement Officer
  • Catherine Logan - Senior Procurement Officer
  • Rebecca Pittwood - Senior Procurement Officer
  • Kate Williams - Procurement Officer
  • Sarah Broomfield - Procurement Officer
  • Johnny Partridge - Procurement Support Officer


‘Business and Public Health’ Procurement

  • Marie Stretch - Strategic Manager
  • Tanya Nathan - Service Manager
  • Paul Skuse - Service Manager
  • Stephen Barker - Service Manager
  • Pam Hill - Senior Procurement Officer
  • Paul Marriott - Senior Procurement Officer
  • Tracie Bosher - Senior Procurement Officer
  • Penny Bale - Procurement Officer


'Operational' Procurement

  • Tony Holmes - Service Manager
  • Stephen Whitbread - Senior Procurement Officer
  • David Hodgson - Apprentice Purchasing Assistant
  • Kyesha Henson - Apprentice Purchasing Assistant


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