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You can download and read the Brand Guidelines for Somerset County Council. You can also download the Publication Protocols for the Council.

It is recommended that the Somerset County Council logo is always used with the website address. However, where this is not possible the reverse out logo should be used as shown.

(59px x 100px) [4.9k]

(89px x 150px) [8.4K]

(119px x 140px) [12.8K]

Print quality
3000 x 1794 - 479K

3000 x 1794 high res - 2.47MB

Download 2
This is the preferred option and is used in portrait treatments such as press advertising, publications and posters.

(208 x 81) [11.1K]

(416 x 163) [16.6K]

(536 x 211 ) [20.2K]

Print quality
3000 x 8516 - 980K

3000 x 8516 high res - 4.62MB

EPS versions

SCC logo only

SCC logo with website address

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