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A358 Taunton to Southfields


The A358 is a mix of dual and single lane carriageway with poor junction alignment and visibility, which can cause delays and congestion.

Highways England (HE) have considered a range of options assessed in terms of traffic capacity, journey time reliability, road safety, economic growth, community access and environmental considerations.

Following this assessment, a dual carriageway link from the M5 near Taunton to the A303 is being proposed and is separated into two sections :

  • Section 1 – New motorway junction and dual carriageway section from the M5 to West Hatch Lane
  • Section 2 – Widening of the existing carriageway from West Hatch Lane to Southfields Roundabout

A first stage consultation period has been launched from 28 March 2017 and 20 May 2017 for public and key stakeholders to comment on the proposals and identify any areas of concern or opportunities for further improvement. 

The Steering Group will prepare a formal response, which will be published here once submitted.

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