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Somerset County Councillors were invited to consider the need for Small Improvement Schemes (SiS) in their areas. These schemes were to be developed, taking into account problems that they and their communities were aware of, in relation to their local highways. A maximum of two schemes could be put forward for consideration each year and, due to the pressure on the funding, that the two requests should also be prioritised. Schemes were also developed for consideration by officers, which were more strategic in nature. All schemes were then vetted by an officer panel before consideration by the Cabinet Member. 

Plans for those schemes approaching construction can be viewed in the table below. The designs for further schemes will be added as the detailed design stage nears completion. 

Please note, all plans shown are subject to changes as the design process progresses. Amended plans will be displayed as soon as they are available. 

It is anticipated that councillors will be asked to submit schemes for potential SiS funding in October 2015 (2016/17 financial year). Therefore, please forward any scheme ideas or requests to the County Councillor for your area so that they may consider them for submission. You can find the contact details of the County Councillor for your area by using the link in the Related services section of this page.

General documents

We will be updating a Small Improvement Schemes Delivery Report 2011-13 which lists the schemes that have been delivered to date and the evolving methodology for delivery, based on lessons learnt. Cllr Higgs has stated in the foreword that "This report seeks to illustrate some successfully championed schemes and will further hopefully serve to provide some guidance to councillors in bidding for future schemes".

We have produced a series of advisory leaflets which aim to both assist and inform to help in future submissions and understanding of the wider implications of requesting various types of new highway infrastructure.  


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