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Yeovil Western Corridor


In 2006, Somerset County Council commissioned Atkins to undertake a feasibility study on the Yeovil Western Corridor in order to address transport issues associated with the development sites allocated in the South Somerset Local Plan 1991 to 2011.

The feasibility study examined and produced preliminary designs to improve the cycle and pedestrian facilities on the western side of Yeovil, along with capacity improvements to the major junctions and roundabouts to provide more vehicle capacity. You can see the scope of the project on the overview map in the Information and resources section.

Since the 2006 study, the Bunford Park employment development site has been granted permission and during the assessment of the site extensive modelling work was undertaken which evolved the designs of key junctions along the corridor. In addition the current emerging South Somerset District Council Local Plan is proposing to allocate a development site that would also impact upon the corridor.

The impact of the above is that the scheme has changed from that outlined in the 2006 study to a corridor controlled by signals in order to improve vehicle capacity to accommodate the growth of Yeovil as well as accommodate pedestrian and cyclists at these junctions. 

The Local Transport Board (LTB) are part-funding the project with the remainder of funding coming from developer contributions. 

Construction Timeline
Preparation and minor works started in February 2017. The main construction programme started in October 2017 and will take approximately 18 months. 

You can find details of how the work will be carried out on Travel Somerset.

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