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Non-Resident Landlord's Parking Permits


Non-Resident Landlord’s permits allow landlords who own property within a Resident Parking Zone to park in the zone, while visiting the property. The permit is not valid in car parks. Permits are available for one zone, up to three zones and all zones in any one district. The permit is valid for one specific vehicle at a time, but two vehicle registration numbers can be shown on the same permit.

Landlords who need to park in one or more Resident’s Parking Zone can apply for a permit. The landlord must be able to provide evidence that they own a rental property in each zone that they apply for.

The landlord cannot apply for a permit in any zone they live in. We must be satisfied that the landlord does not live in the zone but owns a rental property in the zone.

How to apply

You can find the Non-Resident Landlord's Parking Permit application form in the Information and resources section of this page. Complete the form and send it with your cheque and evidence documents. 

We need evidence that:

  • The landlord owns property in the relevant Resident’s Parking Zone. This could be a Council Tax Bill
  • The vehicle belongs to them or is registered at their home address. This could be a vehicle registration document (V5). 

You can choose the start date for the permit providing it is at least 5 working days after the date you post the form. 

The application form has guidance notes about the eligibility for the permit.


Annual Non-Resident Landlord Permit costs
  • One zone in a district £150
  • Up to three zones in a district £300
  • All zones in a district £600  


A reminder will be sent to renew your permit four weeks before your permit expires.

All permits have to be renewed each year. Permits expire on the date printed on them. You can apply to renew a permit up to one month before the expiry date. There is no period of grace between expiry and renewal. For renewals we only need proof of the rental property’s address, providing the vehicle registration remains the same. 

Please note that Non-Resident Landlord permits and annual renewals must be applied for by post

If you no longer need the permit it can be returned for a refund of any remaining full months. 

Lost permits

If you lose your permit, please contact us for a replacement, a £10 fee will be charged for this service. 

Change of vehicle

If you change your vehicle, please write to us with a copy of your new V5 (registration) document and your current permit, and we will issue an updated permit free of charge.

If we find that a permit is not being used for its intended purpose, following investigation, we will remove and cancel the permit without a refund.


Contact: Somerset Parking Services
Address: Somerset County Council, PO Box 705, Oldham, OL1 9NF
Phone: 0333 999 8889 
Opening Hours (To speak to an advisor about a penalty notice or a resident permit): Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm,  Saturday and Sunday closed.

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