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Residential Parking Permits


The following Residential Parking Permits are available:

  • Virtual Annual Resident’s Permit
  • Annual Visitor’s Permit 
  • Visitor Scratchcards
  • Care Worker’s Virtual Residential Parking Permit  

Resident and visitor permits are processed by MiPermit on our behalf. You can submit Resident Permit, Visitor Permit and Visitor Scratchcard applications through the MiPermit website.

If you have a virtual permit, you no longer need to display a paper permit. A virtual permit operates in a similar way as your road fund licence. Our Civil Enforcement Officers will be able to check with their hand held computer whether a vehicle has a valid permit.

Parking Services is responsible for the administration of current on-street resident parking schemes.

The easiest way to apply for or renew your Resident’s Permit is online. If you are unable to do this, please phone 0345 520 7007.

A Resident Permit does not guarantee a space and does not entitle drivers to contravene any other parking restrictions if they are unable to find a space in their permit zone.

Apply or renew now

To apply for, or renew, a resident’s parking permit online you must:

  • Be eligible to purchase or renew the permit. You can find information about eligibility in the Parking Permits Terms and Conditions  
  • Have your Council Tax Reference Number 
  • Provide an email address and phone number  
  • Be able to pay for your permit using a credit or debit card registered to the same address that the permit is for 
  • Read the Terms and Conditions and agree to them     

Paying for your permit online

You will be asked to enter your credit or debit card details at the end of your application. 

If your application for a Virtual Resident’s Permit is accepted you will receive an email to confirm it is live.

Any annual Visitor Permits or Visitor Scratchcards will be sent to your home address by first class post within 5 working days. 

If we have any questions about your application we will contact you by email or phone. 

If you are not eligible for a parking permit, you will receive an email notification and we will refund the fee back to your credit or debit card. 

How much it costs

  • First Virtual Resident Parking Permit £60   
  • Second Virtual Resident Parking Permit £100   
  • If you have an off-road space you are only entitled to one Virtual Resident Permit, which will cost £60  
  • Annual Visitor Parking Permit £60 Visitor scratchcards are £3 for 10 (you can buy up to 100 scratchcards per calendar year.)
  • Residents with both a vehicle and Blue Badge, registered to them at the address will be entitled to receive their first Virtual Resident’s Permit free of charge each year.    

Renewing your permit

We will email you a reminder to renew your permit four weeks before your permit’s expiry date.

All permits must be renewed each year. You can apply to renew a permit up to one month before the expiry date. If you change your vehicle or move house you must update the details online or by phoning 0345 520 7007. 

Parking permits are administered on our behalf by MiPermits.

Getting your property added to a permit zone   

If your property is outside a permit zone, you will not eligible to be added as this would be unfair to the residents of the zone who have a restricted supply of on-street parking. If you feel your street could benefit from residents parking, please see our 'Getting a new resident parking scheme for your area' page for details about applying for a new resident parking zone.

If your property is a new build within an existing resident parking zone, you will not be eligible for resident parking permits. Parking should have been considered by the developer at the planning stage. Similarly, if a single property within a resident parking area is converted into multiple units, the property will retain only the original allocation of permits for the single property on a first come, first served basis. The supply of on-street parking places has not changed, and it is not fair or reasonable to increase the number of eligible properties due to subsequent development.

Changing your vehicle

How to get a new permit for your car if you have just changed your vehicle
If you have already registered for a virtual permit through MI Permit, you can amend your vehicle details by logging into your account and making the necessary changes. Your new vehicle will be updated immediately.


Contact: MiPermits
Phone:  0345 520 7007
Opening Hours (To speak to an advisor about a penalty notice or a resident permit): Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm, Saturday 8am to 4pm and Sunday closed.

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