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We are responsible for all on-street parking meters, permits and enforcement of parking restrictions. All existing on-street charges (such as parking meters and residents' permits) and restricted parking zones will be unchanged.

We enforce on-street parking restrictions to improve road safety for all road users, to improve the flow of traffic and to make sure emergency vehicles and public transport can travel without obstruction or delay.

We also administer Penalty Charge Notices (PCN) issued in off-street car parks on behalf of district councils in Mendip, Sedgemoor and Taunton Deane.

You can pay a parking fine using our on-line payment service button below. 

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The website  details all current and legally enforceable parking restrictions on our roads.

There is more information that you may also find useful in the Information and resources section of this page.

About this service
We can enforce a number of parking restrictions, including:

  • Vehicles parked on yellow lines or where loading restrictions are in force

  • Vehicles parked without clearly displaying a valid or the correct permit / voucher / ticket to allow them to do so

  • Vehicles parked for longer than the purchased time or for longer than permitted in pay and display or limited waiting bays

  • Vehicles parked in a suspended bay during controlled hours

  • Vehicles parked in a bus stop or bus lane during prohibited hours

  • Vehicles parked excessively outside of bay markings

Our priority enforcement areas
Shopping areas and busy routes: to improve traffic flow and improve parking facilities for shoppers and to reduce congestion during busy periods and rush hours.

Bus routes and bus stops: to enable public transport to run on-time and allow buses to pull up to the pavement for passengers with children mobility problems or heavy shopping.

Residential areas: to reduce the impact of commuter parking in controlled parking zones, improving safety, vehicle noise and lower exhaust emissions making a better environment for local residents.

Disabled parking facilities: to minimise the abuse of the Blue Badge Scheme and ensure parking facilities are available for motorists with mobility problems. 

We are responsible for the enforcement of high-priority, on-street parking restrictions, such as double and single yellow lines, bus routes and on-street parking bays. We also enforce bus gates using camera technology.

All money recovered from the enforcement of traffic regulations can only be used to pay for the service and highway related schemes.

Our team of Civil Enforcement Officers (CEOs) operate across Somerset.  

We also enforce the parking restrictions on a number of district council car parks in Mendip, Sedgemoor and Taunton Deane

We operate the service in accordance with national legislation and guidance.

How do I use it?
To pay a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) please use the link under Related services and follow the instructions.  If you are trying to pay a PCN but your PCN number and vehicle registration number is not recognised, please be aware that it can take up to 24 hours for the details of a PCN notice to be processed through our system and your details to appear for payment purposes.

If you would like to report suspected illegal parking, then please contact our enforcement agency on 0845 337 1000. 

How do I challenge a penalty charge notice?
There is a statutory process that is to be followed when challenging a penalty charge notice. Please see the guidance on the back of the PCN for details of the process. For further information go to our View or challenge a Penalty Charge Notice page under Related services.

Can I park for a few minutes on a yellow line to drop off passengers or to load or unload a delivery?
In most cases yes, providing there are no signs or lines prohibiting it and you are not causing a hazard or an obstruction. The loading and unloading activity must be visible and continuous. You must not load or unload where it is prohibited. Please check the Highway Code to see which signs and lines apply.  

Can I park for a few minutes while I get change to pay for parking?
No.  You are expected to anticipate the need and carry change to pay for parking. In some parking areas you can pay for parking by telephone. Check the signs to see if this facility is available.  

Can you send out a civil enforcement officer to deal with inconsiderate parking?
A civil enforcement officer can only issue a penalty notice where a vehicle is in contravention of a parking regulation. You can report inconsiderate parking to the Somerset Parking Service and this will be investigated, but it will not happen immediately. If a vehicle is found in contravention of a regulation a penalty charge will be issued, but this will not necessarily result in the immediate removal of the vehicle. If a vehicle is causing a hazard or an obstruction that must be moved immediately this is a matter for the Police.  

Where am I allowed to park if I am a Blue Badge Holder?
Blue badge holders are allowed some general exemptions to parking regulations, as described in the Blue Badge Holder Guidance. You are not permitted to park in such a way as to cause a hazard or an obstruction. The Blue Badge must be displayed correctly on the vehicle. In addition you may require a permit in some resident parking areas and may be charged in some car parks. You are advised to check the local signs and regulations.  

How much does it cost to pay a penalty charge notice?
In Somerset, a charge of £70 (reduced to £35 if paid within 14 days) is made for more serious contraventions e.g. parking on a yellow line. A lesser charge, £50 (reduced to £25 if paid within 14 days) applies to less serious parking contraventions such as overstaying a pay and display ticket. A PCN for contravening bus lane regulations would be issued for £60 (reduced to £30 if paid within 14 days). Further charges may apply for late payment.  


Contact: Somerset Parking Services
Address: Somerset County Council, PO Box 705, Oldham, OL1 9NF
Contact no: 0845 337 1000
Opening Hours (To speak to an advisor about a penalty notice or a resident permit): Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm,  Saturday and Sunday closed.
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