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Report a badly parked vehicle


If you would like to report a vehicle parked in contravention of parking restrictions, please phone our enforcement contractor NSL on 01823 210566 or email

We enforce on-street parking restrictions to improve road safety for all road users, to improve the flow of traffic, and to make sure emergency vehicles and public transport can travel without obstruction or delay. 

We are not able to take any action against parked vehicles which are causing an obstruction where no parking restriction applies. These vehicles can only be dealt with by the police, who should be contacted using their non-emergency phone number, 101. 

We can only serve Penalty Charge Notices to vehicles parked on pavements if there is a relevant parking restriction on the roadside adjacent to them.

We enforce a number of parking restrictions, including: 

  • Vehicles parked on yellow lines or where loading restrictions are in place
  • Vehicles parked without clearly displaying a valid, or the correct permit/voucher/ticket to allow them to do so 
  • Vehicles parked for longer than the purchased time or for longer than permitted
  • Vehicles parked in a suspended bay
  • Vehicles parked in a bus stop
  • Vehicles parked outside of bay markings
  • Vehicles parked across a dropped kerb or driveway (at the homeowner’s request) 

Civil Enforcement Officers conduct daily patrols on most roads where parking restrictions apply. It is a driver’s responsibility to check their parking place for any restrictions and to ensure any ticket or permit is clearly and correctly displayed.


Contact: Somerset Parking Services
Address: Somerset County Council, County Hall, Taunton, TA1 4DY
Phone: 01823 210566
Opening Hours (To speak to an advisor about a Penalty Charge Notice or a parking permit): Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm, Saturday and Sunday closed

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