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Challenge or make a representation about a Penalty Charge Notice


You can challenge or make a representation about a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) by using the button below.

Challenge or make a representation

The website has information about all the current parking restrictions on Somerset's roads.

What you should do if you receive a PCN
Most importantly, do not ignore it. At this stage you can either pay or challenge the PCN.

What will happen if you ignore the PCN
If you ignore the PCN or any letters we send you, or if you do not follow the process laid out here, the debt will be registered at court and pursued. And this may result in the case being referred to an Enforcement Agent (Bailiff) which means the costs will increase. For more information about the process, please visit the PATROL website

How much is a PCN?
In Somerset, there is a charge of £70 (which is reduced to £35 if you pay within 14 days) for more serious contraventions, for example parking on a yellow line. 

A lesser charge of £50 (which is reduced to £25 if you pay within 14 days) applies to less serious parking contraventions, such as overstaying a time limit, or not paying for parking. 

There is a charge of £60 (which is reduced to £30 if you pay within 14 days) for contravening bus lane regulations. Other charges may be added for late payment.

How to pay the PCN
You can pay a PCN online on our Pay a parking fine page. there is information about other ways you can pay printed on the PCN.

If you have lost the PCN, phone us on 0300 123 2224.

If you pay within 14 days you can pay a discounted rate of 50 per cent of the full PCN amount. If you pay after the 14 day discount period, you must pay the full amount of the PCN.

What will happen when you pay the PCN
Payment is seen as acceptance of the penalty. This means the case will be closed and further correspondence may not be considered.

If you can’t afford to pay your penalty in full
The law doesn't require us to offer you a way of paying by instalments and we don't have to offer or agree to an instalment plan.

But, we will consider each request on its merits. You must provide us with a full financial breakdown, including information about your income and expenditure for us to consider an assessment. Any proposal you make must be realistic and reasonable, so that the outstanding sum is paid as quickly as possible.

Sometimes we will consider passing the outstanding debt to our Enforcement Agents (Bailiffs) who can consider an instalment arrangement. But, it is important for you to know that this will increase the overall amount you owe us.

How to challenge a PCN

Stage 1 - Informal Challenge
There is a statutory process that has to be followed when you challenge a PCN.

There is guidance information about the process on the back of the PCN.

If you have received a Bus Gate penalty charge notice, you cannot make an informal challenge as the registered keeper of the vehicle has been formally identified. Only the registered keeper can make a Formal Representation (see Stage 2)

You must make a challenge in writing, either by using the 'Challenge or make a representation' button at the top of this page or by post to the address at the bottom of this page. Please state why you believe you should not pay the PCN and include any information or evidence you feel is relevant.

Challenges to a PCN can only be made in writing, either online or by post. When you make your challenge we will send you a written response within 10 working days. You cannot come to our offices to challenge or discuss your PCN.

For more information, see our Challenges and Representations Guidance in the Information and resources section of this page.

If we accept your challenge you will not be required to pay the PCN.

If we reject your challenge and it was received within 14 days of the PCN being served you will generally be given another 14 days to pay at the discounted amount.

If your challenge has been rejected and you don't agree you can make a formal representation.

Stage 2 - Formal Representation
If your challenge is rejected, (or we don't receive one from you) and the PCN is still not paid, the registered keeper of the vehicle will receive a Notice to Owner (NTO). This will say that there is a further 28 days to pay the full amount of the PCN or to make representations to us. The grounds for making a formal representation are stated on the NTO, and the representation must be made in writing by the registered keeper of the vehicle.

A web code is printed on the top right corner of the Notice to Owner or Bus Gate PCN. If a web code has not been provided, the penalty is not at the formal representation stage. You need this code to submit a formal representation because we can only deal with the registered keeper of the vehicle from this stage, or someone they have authorised to act on their behalf.

Once you have submitted your representation we will carefully consider it and write to you within 56 days.

If we accept your representation you will not be required to pay the PCN.

If we reject your representation we will send you a Notice of Rejection of Representation and you will have the opportunity to either pay the PCN or appeal to the Independent Adjudicator at the Traffic Penalty Tribunal Service (TPT). You can only appeal to the Independent Adjudicator after you have received the Notice of Rejection of Representation.

If you have already paid the PCN and you have been sent a Notice to Owner, please write to us with the details and evidence of the payment.

Stage 3 - Appeal to the Independent Adjudicator
We will send you information about how to appeal on the formal Notice of Rejection of Representation. The adjudicator is impartial and their decision is binding on you and.

If you win the appeal you will not be required to pay the PCN.

If you lose the appeal you must pay the outstanding amount of the PCN within 28 days.

For full details of the process, please see the Traffic Penalty Tribunal website.

If you receive a Charge Certificate
If you still don't pay the PCN a Charge Certificate will be sent to the registered keeper. The Charge Certificate increases the amount outstanding by 50 per cent. We do not have to accept late challenges or representations. Details of how to make payment are shown on the certificate.

What you should do if you receive an Order for Recovery
If payment is not received we will send you an Order for Recovery. The Order for Recovery increases the amount outstanding by £8 to cover a Court Registration Fee. You can pay as described on the Order, or a Witness Statement or Statement of Truth can be filed at the County Court Business Centre.

You can file a Statement for one of the following reasons:

  • if you did not receive the Notice to Owner.
  • if you made representations about the penalty charge to us within 28 days of the service of the Notice to Owner, but did not receive a rejection notice.
  • if you appealed against our decision to reject you representation, within 28 days of service of the rejection notice, but have had no response to your appeal.
  • if the penalty charge has been paid in full.

Please be aware that proceedings for contempt of court may be brought against you if you make or cause to be made a false statement in an application verified by a statement of truth without an honest belief in its truth.

If you have been contacted by the Enforcement Agents (Bailiffs) but want to challenge the penalty now, the case has progressed to the enforcement stage, so you must contact the Enforcement Agents directly. You may also want to contact the Citizen's Advice Bureau or a solicitor for advice.


Contact: Somerset Parking Partnership

Address: Somerset County Council, County Hall, Taunton TA1 4DY 

Phone: 0300 123 2224 

Opening Hours: (To speak to an advisor about a Penalty Charge Notice or a parking permit): Monday 8am to 6pm, Tuesday to Friday 8.30am to 5.30pm, Saturday and Sunday closed.


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