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Pedestrian crossings


We provide pedestrian crossings throughout Somerset to help people cross busy roads safely and easily.

You can report a problem with a pedestrian crossing using the button below.

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School flashing lights warn drivers and cyclists about children likely to be crossing the road on the way to and from a nearby school.

If you would like to request a pedestrian crossing or school flashing lights, you should contact the appropriate parish council. They will contact the Area Highways Office on your behalf if they support your request.

Pedestrian crossings   
There are 4 types of pedestrian crossing used in Somerset. 

The 3 types of signal controlled crossings are:

  • Pelican (pedestrian light controlled crossing)
  • Puffin (pedestrian user friendly intelligent crossing)
  • Toucan (pedestrians and cyclists crossing derived from 'two can' cross)

The type of uncontrolled crossing is a:

  • Zebra (from the black and white stripes on the crossing)

School flashing lights 
School flashing lights can only be erected in certain circumstances and consideration needs to be given to the suitability of a site.  This would include the visibility, location and electricity supply, among other things.

If a suitable site is found, thought will need to be given to how any work will be funded. 

Signal controlled pedestrian crossings will have either bleepers or a small cone underneath the push button that spins, this is to help blind and visually impaired people know when it is safe to cross. Some newer sites have both. All pedestrian crossings in Somerset should have tactile paving (bumpy paving) at the crossing point, this is to help blind and visually impaired people know where to cross. Most pedestrian crossings will have lowered kerbs to help people with wheel chairs and push chairs cross safely and easily.

Find out more about pedestrian safety and the different types of crossing on our Traffic Choices website

Initial requests for pedestrian crossings will be recorded against our Local Transport Plan 2 (LTP2) objectives. The objectives we use for scoring include; the number of accidents, the road condition, the public transport usage and the condition of or lack of footways.

If the request achieves a high enough score, it will be forwarded for further consideration. If it fails to achieve a high score, we will tell you and consider other measures that might help. 


Contact: Roads and Transport Team
Phone: 0300 123 2224

Opening Hours: Monday 8am to 6pm, Tuesday to Friday 8.30am to 5.30pm, Saturday and Sunday closed.

If there is an urgent problem outside these hours and it is a risk to public safety please phone the police on 101.

If you need to visit a highway area office you can find the address of your local office here.

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