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Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) and abnormal loads

Concerns about the number of HGVs
You can contact us to report concerns about the number of Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) driving through populated areas. We work with the freight operators and the trade industry representatives through our Freight Quality Partnership (FQP) to identify and resolve local issues. 

When you contact us, please tell us: 

  • Your name and phone number
  • The road or location you are concerned about 
  • What your concerns are

When you report your concerns we will see if we have any local traffic flow data on HGV numbers and compare this with our policy position according to our freight map. We will then use this information to take to our Freight Quality Partnership (FQP) meeting with local hauliers and their representatives to try and address the issues highlighted.

We will acknowledge your request and respond within 10 working days. 

What we have achieved

Our work with the freight industry is recognised as being mutually beneficial. Our economy needs the service they provide but we want to ensure that HGVs (Heavy Goods Vehicles) are using the most appropriate routes for their journey.

In March 2008 our Freight Quality Partnership (FQP) was nominated by the Freight Transport Association as being one of the best in the country. Our work on trying to reduce the impact of sat-nav devices routing HGV drivers down inappropriate country lanes is receiving international media coverage. We work with the freight operators and the trade industry representatives through our FQP to identify and resolve local issues.

The introduction of a weight restriction on a public road will be considered either for environmental protection such as a narrow village road or where there is a need to protect a structure, a bridge or culvert from the effects of HGVs. Where a weight restriction is considered necessary, due regard must be given to a suitable alternative route and the likely effect on other communities.

Laws and regulation

A weight limit allows us as the Highway Authority to prohibit and restrict the movement of heavy goods vehicles. This requires the making of a Traffic Regulation Order which gives the police the power to enforce a weight restriction for which a fixed penalty notice can be issued to offending drivers.


Contact: Roads and Transport Team
Phone: 0300 123 2224
Opening Hours: Monday 8am to 6pm, Tuesday to Friday 8.30am to 5.30pm, Saturday and Sunday closed.

If there is an urgent problem outside these hours and it is a risk to public safety please phone the police on 101.

If you need to visit a highway area office you can find the address of your local office here.

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