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If your child travels on school transport and their bus pass has been lost or stolen, or is in a poor condition due to everyday wear and tear, you will need a replacement issued for your child to travel. Your child will not be allowed to travel without a valid bus pass. It is now possible to pay for a replacement pass online. 

You can use the button below to pay for a lost or stolen bus pass.

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If you cannot pay online, please email and you will be given advice about other ways to pay. Once we have received your payment we will send your child's bus pass to their school for collection from the school office. Unfortunately, we no longer provide the first replacement for bus passes which have been lost or stolen free of charge. All bus passes that are replaced due to being lost or stolen will incur a £10 fee.

Replacement bus pass due to poor condition
If your child requires a replacement bus pass as their existing pass is in poor condition due to everyday wear and tear, your child will need to show the bus pass to the school office staff for confirmation that the bus pass needs replacing. The school office staff will then tell us the details and we will replace the bus pass free of charge. Your child will be able to collect their replacement bus pass from the school office. If your child cannot produce the existing bus pass to the school office staff for inspection, you will have to pay a £10 fee for a replacement bus pass.

While waiting for a replacement pass, your child can get a temporary pass from the school office.

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