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Rights of way closures in Somerset


You can find a summary table below of rights of way works and closures in Somerset. 

DistrictParish and pathType of workExpiry date
MendipGlastonbury footpath WS 15/5Danger of wall collapse19 May 2019
MendipHolcombe Footpath SM 12/2Dangerous bridge14 March 2019
MendipMeare Footpath WS 6/7Dangerous structure24 March 2019
MendipSt Cuthbert Out Footpath WS 10/79Dangerous bridge29 April 2020
MendipNunney Footpath FR 12/44Dangerous bridge14 June 2019
MendipLitton Bridleway WS 3/8Water works06 February 2019
MendipWitham Friary Footpath FR 19/13Railway track repairs20 February 2019
MendipTellisford and Rode footpaths FR 15/3A...Bridge repairs18 March 2019
MendipBaltonsborough Footpath WS 1/11Embankment works16 January 2019
MendipNorton St Philip Footpaths FR 11/13...Building Development01 May 2019
MendipLydford-on Fosse Footpath SM 14/22Bridge repairs26 November 2020
MendipLydford on Fosse Footpath SM 14/12Bridge repairs13 May 2019
MendipWells Footpaths WS 17/28 WS 17/29 WS...Building Developement 06 September 2019
SedgemoorWedmore Footpath AX 27/51Building developement03 July 2019
SedgemoorWedmore Bridleway AX 27/64 (Allermore...Surface repairs02 July 2019
SedgemoorChilton Trinity and Cannington footpath...River bank works10 October 2019
SedgemoorBridgwater Footpath BW 38/18Building Developement11 May 2019
SedgemoorOtterhampton Footpath BW 5/4River embankment works04 April 2019
SedgemoorNorth Petherton and Bridgwater BW 23/37...Bridge construction04 February 2019
SedgemoorNorth Petherton Footpaths BW 23/78 and...bridge installation01 April 2019
SedgemoorEast Brent Bridleway AX 17/11Telecom works31 January 2019
SedgemoorOtterhampton Footpath BW 25/31Wessex Water works05 May 2019
SedgemoorChapel Allerton bridleway AX 12/31Dangerous bridge16 May 2021
SedgemoorAshcott and Greinton Footpaths BW 1/23...Bridge repairs09 June 2019
South SomersetWest Crewkerne footpath CH 27/22Dangerous bridge10 September 2019
South SomersetHardington Mandeville Bridleway Y 10/27Dangerous bridge28 August 2019
South SomersetWest Crewkerne Footpath CH 27/23Bridge repairs04 November 2019
South SomersetKeinton Mandeville Footpath L 16/3Building development04 February 2019
South SomersetYeovilton and Limington Bridleway Y...Dangerous bridge16 May 2020
South SomersetHigh Ham Footpath L12/17Bridge repairs16 April 2021
South SomersetChillington Footpath CH 6/4Dangerous Bridge09 July 2020
South SomersetLovington Footpath WN 15/5Railway embankment works01 March 2019
South SomersetHolton and North Cheriton Footpath WN...Dangerous bridge07 March 2019
South SomersetBroadway Footpath CH 2/3Dangerous bridge24 February 2019
South SomersetYeovilton Bridleway Y 30/14Dangerous bridge27 February 2019
South SomersetCharlton Mackrell footpath L 6/11Dangerous bridge04 April 2019
South SomersetCharlton Musgrove footpath WN 8/10Unsafe bridges13 October 2021
South SomersetTatworth & Forton Footpath CH 5/7Unsafe Bridge03 July 2019
South SomersetAnsford Footpath WN 2/5Building Develepement01 June 2021
Taunton DeaneWest Buckland Footpath WG 14/1 Dangerous bridge04 January 2021
Taunton DeaneTaunton T 33/22 (Firepool)Dangerous Bridge14 January 2020
Taunton DeaneNorth Curry Footpath T 17/50Surface improvements14 July 2019
Taunton DeaneCheddon Fitzpaine Footpath T 5/14Building developement05 May 2019
Taunton DeaneWellington footpath WG 17/17Building developement02 October 2019
Taunton DeaneOtterford Bridleway T 20/26Surface repairs20 June 2020
Taunton DeaneWest Monkton footpaths T 32/10 and T...Building Developement13 March 2019
Taunton DeanePitminster Footpath T 21/14Dangerous bridge21 February 2019
Taunton DeaneBishops Hull Footpath T 3/12Dangerous bridge16 May 2020
Taunton DeaneWellington Footpath WG 17/34Dangerous bridge16 May 2021
Taunton DeaneNorton Fitzwarren Footpath T 18/9Dangerous bridge16 May 2020
Taunton DeaneWellington footpath WG 17/36Unsafe structures03 October 2019
Taunton DeaneOake and Milverton Footpaths WH 9/20 WG...Bridge repairs02 August 2019
Taunton DeaneSampford Arundel footpath WG 10/14Dangerous bridge10 February 2019
West SomersetStogursey Hinkley Point CLong term rights of way closures at... 


Contact: Public Rights of Way
Address: Somerset County Council, County Hall, Taunton, TA1 4DY
Phone: 0300 123 2224
Fax: 01823 356114
Customer Contact Opening Hours: Monday 8am to 6pm, Tuesday to Friday 8.30am to 5.30pm, Saturday and Sunday closed.
Public Rights of Way Team opening hours: Monday to Thursday 8.30am to 5pm, Friday 8.30am to 4.30pm, Saturday and Sunday closed.

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