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Traffic Regulation Orders (TRO)


Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs) are legal documents which allow the police and/or local authorities to enforce various restrictions designed to control or restrict the movement or waiting of traffic on any road which is open to traffic, including public highways. Examples of these can include speed limits, parking restrictions (single and double yellow lines), weight restrictions, one way streets, no right/left turns and loading bays.

We also list gating orders, which allow for the erection of gates to restrict access along a public right of way either at all times or at specific times as defined in the order.

Below is a list of proposed and current orders. 

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Traffic Regulation Orders are used to:

  • assist traffic flow

  • control or direct traffic

  • improve the safety of road users

  • preserve or improve the character or amenity of an area

  • prevent serious damage to roads and bridges

Gating Orders
Gating orders permit us to allow individuals to place gates across highways in order to prevent crime and anti-social behaviour.  This can include criminal damage, fly tipping or general nuisance.

The person requesting the Gating Order is responsible for allowing reasonable access along the road for legitimate purposes such as someone wishing to reach property or simply walk along the road to reach another part of the highway network. Generally, gates would only be locked during the hours of darkness.

Our published Traffic Regulation Orders are listed according to what stage they have reached.  The 2 stages are:

Consultation (see Table 1)
TROs at this stage are advertised for consultation with the public and statutory consultees.  Use the 'Submit now' button to submit any comments about a proposed order.   

Current Orders (see Table 2)
TROs at this stage have been brought into force and all the appropriate signs and lines have been installed. 

Table 1 - Consultation
(Please use 'Submit now' button above if you want to comment on a proposed order)  

 Title Objection period Type of order 
A38 West Monkton 
From 8/10/2015  Revocation and 30mph restricted road 
Various roads Cannington, Combwich, Cockwood and Hinkley Point 
Plan of temporary closure
Plan for consultation
  Temporary  Traffic Restrictions Order 2015
Part of public footpath T33/8, Eastwick Road, urban footpath between Cleeve Road and Eastwick Road and urban footpath between Eastwick Road and Priorswood Road, TauntonCycle Link Location Plan 
01/10/2015 to 29/10/2015 Order under section 3 of the Cycle Tracks Act 1984 for a proposed cycle link between Nerrols Farm and Priorswood
Eastwick Road, Priorswood Road and Old Priorswood Road, Taunton
Cycle Link Location Plan

  Order under sections 66(4) and 65(1) of the Highways Act 1980 for a proposed cycle link between Nerrols Farm and Priorswood
Cannington, Combwich, Cockwood and Hinkley PointPlan of C182 temporary closure
29/9/2015 to 9/10/2015  Temporary traffic restrictions 
First Notice - Mendip Amendment
Draft TRO schedule 
Norton St Philips Maps
Frome - Maps
Glastonbury - Maps
Shepton Mallet - Maps
Street - Maps
Wells - Maps
Bruton Road, Evercreech - Maps
Draycott - Plan for double yellow lines
24/09/2015 to 15/09/2015  First notice TRO
 Notice of variation of Resident Parking Permits and on Street Pay & Display charges From 24/09/2015  Variation Notice
 Taunton Deane on street parking order From 24/09/2015  On street parking order
Huntworth Roundabout, North Petherton
22/09/2015 to 13/10/2015  Proposed speed limit
 A371 Wells Road, Draycott Zebra Crossing
From 24/9/2015 TRO to add zebra crossing
A358 Minehead Rd, Combe Florey 
From 24/9/2015  Temporary 10mph speed limit 
West Camel Road, Queen Camel 
From 17/9/2015  Notice of Intent for a Zebra Crossing 

A372 Langport Road, Catsgore


03/09/2015 to 24/09/2015 TRO for A372 Langport Road, Catsgore

Warminster Road, Beckington

TTRO for 'Beckington Party in the Field'
2015 Deane DLO Taunton 10k Road Race First Notice and Draft TTRO
03/09/2015 to 11/09/2015 Temporary traffic restrictions - special events 
Bridgwater Fair First Notice and draft TRO
Diversion Route Plan
Road Closure Plan
Temporary Prohibition of Waiting Plan 
  Temporary Traffic Restrictions Order 2015 
Meadowhayes, Porlock
21/8/2015 to 11/9/2015  Proposed no waiting at any time restriction 
Luckwell Bridge, Wheddon Cross 
14/8/2015 to 4/9/2015  Temporary 30mph speed limit 
Temporary revocation of derestricted (60mph) speed limit
A38 Langaller Way, A38 Bridgwater Road, West Monkton 
13/8/2015 to 3/9/2015  Revocation, restricted road, 30mph and 40mph speed limits 
Taunton Residents Parking TRO  13/8/2015 to 3/9/2015  Restriction of stopping, waiting, loading and unloading, and on-street parking 
Mendip Residents Parking TRO 
Grange Road and Brutasche Terrace, Street - map
Silver Street, Wells - map
Wookey Hole Road, Wells - map
Proposed Residents Parking Scheme frequently asked questions
13/8/2015 to 3/9/2015  Restriction of stopping, waiting, loading and unloading, and on-street parking 
Sedgemoor Residents Parking Order
Bridgwater Plan
Highbridge Plan
Proposed Residents Parking Scheme FAQs 
11/8/2015 to 1/9/2015  Prohibition and restriction of stopping, waiting, loading and unloading, and on-street parking 
Stradlings Hill, Cannington - First Notice
Sealed Order 
28/7/2015 to 3/8/2015 Temporary TRO 
Cheddon Fitzpaine, Various roads
23/7/2015-13/8/2015 30 mph Speed Limit Order 2015 
Chrimchard, Chard
16/7/15 to 06/8/15 30 mph Speed Limit Order 2015 
Wells Residents Parking Proposals 16/7/2015 to 6/8/2015 TRO for parking restrictions
Minehead Summer Festival First Notice
North Road Temporary Prohibition Waiting Plan
Plan of road closures 2015
Diversion routes 
10/7/15 to 1/8/15  Temporary traffic restrictions 
Old Road, Odcombe
9/7/2015 to 30/7/2015  40 mph Speed Limit First Notice and Draft TRO 

B3139 Wells Road, Wedmore and Theale

30/6/2015 to 21/7/2015 Revocation and 30mph and 50mph speed limit

A39 Carhampton

26/6/2015 to 17/7/2015 Revocation and 40 mph speed limit

A366 Norton St Philip and Faulkland

25/6/2015 to 16/7/2015 7.5 tonne weight restriction

First Notice New Street, The Liberty, Wells

11/6/2015 to 2/7/2015 Revocation and 20mph speed limit
First Notice A38 Taunton Road, A39 Broadway, St Mary Street and Old Taunton Road Bridgwater
Diversion route
  Temporary Traffic Restrictions Order 2015
First Notice - Bower Lane, Bridgwater
Plan - area to be restricted
Plan - diversion route 
29/6/2015  Temporary Traffic Restrictions - Order 2015 
First Notice - Rodway Cannington 
3/6/2015 temporary 10 mph speed limit, Temporary revocation of 40 mph speed limit - Order 2015 
First Notice - A39 Main Rd, Kilve and A39 Williton to Bridgwater Rd, Holford
Plan - alternative routes
Plan - Main Road, Kilve
Plan - Williton to Bridgwater Rd, Holford 
1/6/2015  Temporary Traffic restrictions - Order 2015 
First notice - St Michaels Ave, A30 Sherborne Rd and Lyde Road, Yeovil
Plan - Traffic Signals
Plan - Prohibition of right turn 
29/5/2015  Prohibition of right turn and prohibition of U-turn - Order 2015 
First Notice - Sedgemoor area parking restrictions TRO
Houlgate Way, Axbridge
Rosetree Paddock Rugosa Drive - Berrow - SYL
Brantwood Road Inwood Road - Wembdon - St Georges School
College Way Bridgwater - DYL
Colley Lane Bridgwater - extension of DYL
Northfield Bridgwater - DYL
Oakfield Road Bridgwater - DYL and SKC
Rosebery Avenue Bridgwater - DYL
Symons Way-Robins Drive Bridgwater - DYL
Wellington Road Bridgwater - No Waiting
Wembdon Road Bridgwater - Revoke DYL
Regent Street B O S - Loading Only
Southern Lea Road Burnham-on-Sea
Chads Hill-High Street Cannington - DYL
Norville Lane Cheddar - DYL
Parsons Pen Cheddar - DYL
Burnham Road Highbridge - DYL
Huntspill Road Highbridge - DYL
King Street Highbridge-DYL
Tyler Way Highbridge - DYL
Worston Road Highbridge - DYL
Newton Road North Petherton - DYL
Pawlett Road Puriton - Revoke DYL
27/5/2015  Prohibition and restriction of stopping, waiting, loading, unloading and on-street parking - Order 2015 
First Notice - A378 Langport Road and Top Road, Fivehead
21/5/2015  Revocation and 30 mph speed limit - Order 2015 
First Notice - A38 Langaller Way - Bridgwater Road, West Monkton  23/4/2015  Revocation, restricted road, 30 mph speed limit and 40 mph speed limit - Order 2015 
First Notice - Manor Road, Cossington
7/4/2015  30mph speed limit - Order 2015 
Extend 30mph speed limit at Broadshard, on A356 north of Crewkerne and introduce 50mph speed limit on A356 from Broadshard to A303 and in West Street, Stoke sub Hamdon  19/03/2015  Extend 30mph speed limit and introduce 50mph speed limit
Notice - College Way, Bridgwater
17/2/2015 to 10/3/2015 Construction of proposed flat top road hump (speed table) 
First Notice - Ford Street (Gerbestone Road, Briscoe Lane)
27/2/2015  30mph speed limit - order 2015 
Taunton Deane Parking Amendment - First Notice
Existing and new proposals - maps
New proposal by road name
Draft TRO
  Prohibition and restriction of stopping, waiting, loading and unloading and on-street parking.
Combined First Notice Price Changes Various New Permits
Residents Parking price increases - Variation Notice 2014
Various Permits Order 2015
  First notice Order 2015
Hinkley Point Road, Stogursey 
  Temporary 30mph Speed Limit and Temporary 10mph Speed Limit Order 2014
Brunswick Street Hendford, Yeovil 17/07/14 to 07/08/14  Prohibition of right turn

Table 2 - Current Orders

 Title of TRO  Date of commencement Type of order 
A358 Minehead Road, Combe Florey  14/10/2015  Temporary 10mph speed limit 
Various roads Cannington, Combwich, Cockwood and Hinkley Point  9/10/2015  Temporary  Traffic Restrictions Order 2015 
A36 Trowbridge Road Roundabout
28/9/2015  Temporary Traffic Restriction
A36 Warminster Road Roundabout
28/9/2015  Temporary Traffic Restriction
Meadowhayes, Porlock 25/9/2015 Prohibition and restriction of stopping, waiting, loading and unloading, and on-street parking.
 Deane DLO 10K Road 27/9/2015 Temporary Traffic Restriction
 Beckington Party in the Field, various roads 19/9/2015 Beckington Party in the Field
 Bridgwater Fair, various roads 29/9/2015 Bridgwater Fair
A38 Langaller Way, A38 Bridgwater Road, West Monkton  10/9/2015  Revocation, restricted road, 30mph speed limit order 2015 
B3224 Luckwell Bridge, Wheddon Cross  04/09/15  Temporary 30mph speed limit 
Crimchard, Chard 3/09/2015 30mph speed limit
Cheddon Fitzpaine  21/8/2015  30mph speed limit 
Old Road, Odcombe  07/08/2015 40mph speed limit 
St Mary St/ Taunton Rd & A39 Broadway, Bridgwater 04/08/2015 Prohibition of left and right turn 
 A372 Langport Road, Othery 04/08/2015 Temporary Traffic Restrictions Order
 A372 Langport Road, Othery
29/07/2015 Temporary Traffic Restrictions Order
A378 Langport Road & Top Road, Fivehead 30/07/2015 Permanent 30mph Traffic Restriction Order
New Road, Lufton, Yeovil 30/07/2015 Temporary Traffic Restrictions Order
 Norton St Philip 30/07/2015 7.5 tonne weight restriction
A39 Carhampton  31/7/2015  Revocation of 40mph speed limit 
New Road, Lufton, Yeovil - 30mph Speed Limit
30/07/2015 Temporary Traffic Restrictions Order -    30mph Limit
New Street, The Liberty, Wells  16/07/2015 Revocation and 20mph Speed Limit Order 2015
Yeovil, various roads 16/07/2015  Controlled parking zones (revocation and no loading, Prohibition of stopping on school keep clear markings) Order 2015
Bridgwater's Big Bash 3/7/2015 Temporary traffic restrictions
Sandy Lane, Cannington 23/6/2015 Temporary traffic restrictions
B3190 Washford Cross to Fair Cross, Williton 26/6/2015 Prohibition of driving
Bower Lane, Bridgwater 12/6/2015 Temporary Traffic Regulation Order
A38 Taunton Road, A39 Broadway, St Mary Street and Old Taunton Road, Bridgwater 12/6/2015 Temporary traffic restrictions - Resurfacing
Rodway, Cannington  3/6/2015  Temporary 10 mph speed limit, temporary revocation of 40 mph speed limit - Order 2015 
A39 Main road, Kilve and A39 Williton to Bridgwater Road, Holford  1/6/2015  Temporary Traffic restrictions - Order 2015 
The County of Somerset Prohibition and Restriction of Stopping, Waiting, Loading and Unloading and On-Street Parking 15/5/2015 Taunton Deane Order 2012 (Amendment No. 6) Order 2015
Hob Lane (Northern End) , West Monkton 14/5/2015 Prohibition of motor vehicles
Stradlings Hill, Cannington 18/5/2015 Temporary traffic restrictions
Brunswick Street / Hendford, Yeovil 1/5/2015  Prohibition of right turn 
Aller Drove and Nythe, Sedgemoor  6/4/2015  Temporary 7.5 tonne weight restriction - Order 2015 
Various Permits Amendment Order 2015  19/02/2015  Prohibition and Restriction of Stopping, Waiting, Loading and Unloading, and On-Street Parking - Order 2015 (Amending orders 2012 for Taunton Deane, South Somerset, Mendip, West Somerset and Sedgemoor)
A366 Norton St Philip and Faulkland, Mendip 19/02/2015  7.5 Tonne Weight Restriction Order 2015 

A38 Taunton Road and A39 Broadway Bridgwater


16/12/14 Temporary prohibition of right turn and temporary prohibition of motor vehicles
Various roads in West Somerset, Washford Cross 24/11/14 Temporary traffic restrictions
Hinkley point road, Stogursey 04/11/14 Temporary 30mph Speed Limit and Temporary 10mph Speed Limit Order 2014
NIDR - various roads in Taunton 23/10/14 Prohibition of waiting and 30mph speed limit Order 2014
Ilton and Horton, South Somerset 17/04/14 30mph Speed Limit Extension Order

Who can use it?
We make Traffic Regulation Orders in consultation with the Police and other local authorities. Members of the public may participate in the process during the consultation and advertisement stages.

How do I use it?
Contact us if you would like us to consider making a Traffic Regulation Order or a Gating Order.

What happens next?
A formal Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) requires a statutory procedure to be followed. Firstly, Consultation with local councillors, parish councils, the emergency services, and other specialist groups when appropriate must take place. Local interest groups such as residents, traders and community groups may also be consulted where appropriate.

A proposed TRO is advertised in the local press and Notices are displayed on roads that are affected. Copies of the Notice may also be delivered to premises likely to be affected. The Notice can be viewed at a nominated council office during working hours and for at least 21 days from the start of the Notice period.

Objections to the Notice must be made in writing to the address specified on the Notice within the 21 day period. Contentious issues are then reported to and considered by local councillors. When considering the objections councillors may decide to:

  • allow the TRO to proceed as advertised

  • modify the TRO to take into account the objections

  • or abandon the TRO

The Order may be formally sealed once all standing objections have been considered. Modifications to the proposals resulting from objections could require further consultation. TROs can take many months to complete and legal fees are quite substantial.

Occasionally Temporary Orders or Experimental Orders may be introduced which require a slightly different process and give people an opportunity to put forward their views. Temporary Orders are used when works affecting the highway require short-term traffic restrictions. Experimental Orders are used in a situation that needs monitoring and reviewing. These usually last no more than eighteen months before they are either abandoned, amended, or made permanent.

How long does it take?
The legal process involved in making a Traffic Regulation Order or a Gating Order can take up to 12 months.

How much does it cost?
Traffic Regulation Orders are normally provided free of charge, apart from where they are made as a result of new property development. The process for obtaining a Developer TRO costs approximately £3000, although this will increase significantly if objections to the TRO are received.

It doesn't cost anything to request a Gating Order.  However you will be responsible for the costs involved in providing the gate and meeting the council's reasonable legal costs which will be in the region of £1250.  The major part of the legal costs involved covers advertising the Gating Order in local newspapers.  This is a requirement of the legislation.

Laws and regulation
Most traffic management policy stems from documents produced by the Department for Transport (DfT) and Highways England. Some of these are statutory Acts and Regulations, whilst others are for guidance.

The principal legislation is:

  • Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984

  • Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2002

  • Transport Act 2000

  • Highways Act 1980

  • Highways Act 1980 Section 129a Gating Orders 


Contact: Roads and Transport Team
Contact no: 0300 123 2224
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm, Saturday 9am to 4pm and Sunday closed.

If an incident occurs outside these hours and is deemed a risk to public safety please contact the Police on 101.

If you need to visit a highway area office you can find the address of your local office here.

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