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  • In year school admissions

    In year school admissions relate to a child changing school outside of the usual transfer cycle

    Last Modified: 23/11/2017

  • School admissions policy

    Details of the school admission arrangements for VC and Community schools

    Last Modified: 14/02/2018

  • Appeal a school admissions decision

    If you are not offered a place at a school you prefer you can appeal to an independent Appeal Panel

    Last Modified: 28/02/2018

  • Starting at a secondary or upper school in September

    If your child is due to transfer to a secondary or upper school you can apply here

    Last Modified: 14/03/2018

  • Apply for school transport

    You may be able to apply for school transport to be provided at the start and end of the school day

    Last Modified: 30/08/2017

  • Apply to start school

    If your child is due to start school for the first time you can apply for a place

    Last Modified: 20/03/2018

  • School uniform

    Information on school uniform policy

    Last Modified: 06/03/2018

  • School exclusions

    An exclusion is when a headteacher sends a student home from school, usually because of their behaviour

    Last Modified: 30/11/2017

  • Find a school

    Find information about Somerset maintained schools and educational establishments

    Last Modified: 24/08/2017

  • Starting at a junior or middle school

    Information about applying to start at a junior school or a middle school

    Last Modified: 28/02/2018

  • School Closures

    School Closures

    Last Modified: 01/03/2018

  • Refused a place at your preferred school

    Important information if you have not been offered one of your preferences for your child to start at a new school in September 2016.

    Last Modified: 01/03/2018

  • School transport strategy

    School transport strategyWe decide on school transport strategy and policy guided by national government policies. Our aim is to help and encourage more children to travel to school more sustainably, ...

    Last Modified: 21/12/2016

  • Check school catchment area

    Check the catchment areas for schools in Somerset here

    Last Modified: 15/08/2017

  • School transport

    Information and guidance for parents and guardians of children who use school transport

    Last Modified: 16/03/2018