The School Place Planning Infrastructure Growth Plan for Somerset (2019) has been produced to provide data and analysis on the current school provision in each of the county’s 20 School Organisation Plan (SOP) areas to assist with the planning of school places in Somerset.

With the increase in the birth rate and the considerable number of new houses being built across the county, ensuring the local authority makes the right decisions about school place planning, in order to fulfil their statutory duty to secure sufficient school places in good or outstanding schools, is more important than ever.

The Infrastructure Growth Plan consists of an introduction and overview of education provision in Somerset, the Policies and Principles of Early Years and School Place Planning and a summary for each of the 20 SOP areas. The summaries include information on school capacity, current population numbers and forecasts and details of housing developments in the area and the number of children these are likely to produce. The proposals the local authority has to mitigate any specific pressures in these areas are also included in the summaries.

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