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A workshop that was held to discuss the Local Offer and ways to improve it

IntroductionWhat we are doing


In October 2019 members of the Unstoppables (young person’s forum), Somerset Parent Carer Forum and parent carers joined together to discuss the Local Offer and ways to improve it. This was supported by the Digital Team from Somerset Council which manages the development of the Local Offer website.

Through the workshop, they have identified key areas that now form the work plan for the next phase of development.

These areas include:

  • The Unstoppables Barrier wall
  • Help with DLA and PIP
  • Exclusions
  • Changing Places
  • Improved information on Somerset’s Special Schools

One of the main things that came from the discussions was a lack of awareness of the Local Offer within the area. It was felt that having the name Somerset Choices was causing confusion for families, echoing what families had told us through engagement events. The SEND board listened to this feedback and agreed to change the name to Somerset’s Local Offer, and this came into effect in February 2020.

What we are doing

During 2020 we will be designing new promotional materials for the Local Offer which make it clearer for families what the Local Offer is and does. We will be attending events throughout Somerset to raise awareness and collect feedback to help us improve the Local Offer further.

You can leave feedback by using the form at the bottom of this page.

Last reviewed: March 17, 2023 by Sophie

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