The Systems and Performance team have recorded the training session to demonstrate Civica Property along with a short guide on how to use the system.


Q: With inspections, will we receive reminder emails when an inspection is due? Or do we have to monitor via the site?
A: Yes, we are looking at sending out a report that will contain all inspections due to be completed in the following month, but they can also be found through the portal.

Q: So, a Questionnaire in this instance is a fire risk assessment and not under the assessment category?
A: Yes, all annual returns and the fire risk assessments are called Questionnaires in the new system and sit under the Questionnaire module.

Q: When will the logins be sent to schools?
A: For those schools who currently don’t have access, login details will be sent over the next two weeks, but please remember you won’t be able to see any data/inspections until the go live date of 19 June 2023.

Q: Will EEC risk assessments be incorporated?
A: No, Civica is a property asset management and compliance system, so the EEC functions of risk assessments and accident reporting are not included. Please continue to use EEC for your school’s risk assessments and incident, accident, and near-miss reporting.

Q: Will RAMIS not exist after the 26 May. If so, where do our current documents go?
A: Documents and data from RAMIS will be exported out of the system. RAMIS will be read only until the end of June. The last completion date and associated documentation with the last completion date will be uploaded into the new system. All remaining data and documentation from the system will be retained and accessible when required, and where requested handed back to the school.

Q: What does draft inspection mean please?
A: This status exists for testing purposes and will not exist in the live version.

Q: When will the data be uploaded? Currently it says no data available.
A: Data will be mapped from RAMIS to Civica between the 26 May and 18 June, so the data will be accessible from the 19 June 2023

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May 25, 2023

James Britton