Where to find one

  • Ringstone, West Huntspill
  • Brendon Way, Bridgwater
  • Shovel Lane, North Petherton
  • Hillside, Puriton

There are a limited number of garage plot vacancies in Ringstone, West Huntspill or Shovel Lane, North Petherton.

Garages across Sedgemoor are also available to rent by contacting Homes in Sedgemoor directly. For more information, please visit the relevant links below.

Homes in Sedgemoor

Homefinder Somerset

To find out more, p0lease email property.services@sedgemoor.gov.uk


Each garage plot available to rent is subject to an annual charge of £75 plus VAT. There is also an initial one-off admin fee of £50 to set up the licence agreement paperwork for the garage plot.

The potential tenant of the garage plot will need to sign a licence agreement to secure the garage plot.

Hardstanding bases

The Council leases the hardstanding bases only for the associated garage plot. It is the licensee’s responsibility to construct and maintain the garage structures built upon the bases.

It is also the licensee’s responsibility to remove the garage structure if the licence agreement is terminated by the tenant of the garage plot or by the Council.

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Next review due: September 30, 2023

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