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An election was held for a Member of Parliament to serve Somerton and Frome constituency. You can find the result of the poll and information about the lead up to this election below.

Result of the Somerton and Frome Parliamentary by election

Name of candidateParty

Number of votes

Lorna CorkeChristian Peoples Alliance


Martin DimeryGreen


Sarah DykeLiberal Democrats


Bruce EvansReform UK


Neil GuildLabour


Rosie MitchellIndependent


Faye PurbrickConservative


Peter RichardsonUK Independence



Sarah Dyke has been elected as MP for the constituency

Further details

Electorate: 87,921
Turnout: 44.23
The number of spoiled ballots: 97

Election information

Information about the lead up to this election

Key dates

Find out more on how you can register to vote on our Electoral Services page

Notice of election

Document preview

UK Parliamentary election for the Somerton and Frome constituency

PDF, 61.2KB

Candidate Nomination Pack

Document preview

For the Somerton and Frome Parliamentry Constituency

PDF, 197KB

Notice of Poll and Persons Nominated

Document preview

Election of Member of Parliament to UK Parliament

PDF, 189KB

Location of polling Stations

Document preview

Somerton and Frome Constituency

PDF, 193KB

Notice of Appointment of Agents

Document preview

Election of Member of Parliament to UK Parliament

PDF, 39.1KB

A guide to polling day

You can find everything you need to know about voting in person in this useful document.

Document preview

Questions and answers on what to do on the day

PDF, 95.6KB

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