Where to start

We will assess your child’s school travel assistance when we receive an application form, but unfortunately not every child is eligible. You may disagree with our decision and want your application reviewed or for additional information to be considered.

You are entitled to have your case reviewed by a senior officer for the following reasons only. 

  • You believe the school is the nearest qualifying school with a place available, or is the designated transport area school for your home address.
  • You believe the walking route exceeds the statutory walking distance.
  • You consider the walking route to be unsafe for a child accompanied by an adult. (You must apply for a route assessment before requesting a review of  the travel assistance decision. This applies even if the safety of the route is only one of the reasons you wish for your travel assistance decision to be reviewed.).
  • You are not satisfied with the transport arrangements offered to you.
  • Your child has been assessed under exceptional grounds in the Somerset Travel Policy and you believe it has not been correctly applied. To request a review of the decision you must first have been considered under the exceptional grounds criteria.

Request review

To request a route assessment please see the information in the ‘Request a school transport route assessment’ section below.