The council is asking Sedgemoor residents to volunteer to become ambassadors for climate change awareness in the community and help spread information and positive action throughout Sedgemoor. This scheme will involve online events, green networking opportunities, knowledge-sharing, and a newsletter to share good practices and success stories.

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Environmental Champion Scheme

Sedgemoor’s Climate Emergency Strategy and Action Plan rely on a partnership between several partners. These include the council, town and parish councils, local stakeholders, businesses, and individual residents working together towards our collective carbon neutrality goal.

We are excited to launch our Environmental Champion scheme. With our pledge for Somerset Council to become carbon neutral by 2030, we are looking to organise projects for environmental improvement. We want your ideas and suggestions both for our projects, and how we can support you locally.

What is an Environmental Champion

This is an exciting opportunity to contribute towards positive climate emergency action in Sedgemoor. You will be an ambassador for climate change awareness in your community, and help spread information and positive action throughout the district.

You may be representing a green group in the district, or you may be an individual who is interested in learning more about combating climate change. Your role can be as big or small as you like. Activities can range from spreading the word about environmental projects to leading projects to help us stay on the right track for our carbon neutrality goals. Each of you will have a unique part to play in protecting the environment in Sedgemoor.

What will be involved

  • Events (online, with a plan to be in-person in the long term) to encourage networking and knowledge sharing among groups and individuals. We hope to include guest speakers to share environmental knowledge and local projects.
  • Newsletter with environment or climate information from Somerset Council. As Environment Champions, you will be able to contribute and shape content to share with other champions across the district. You can help us by sharing this info with your group, neighbours or parish.
  • Online networking platform for collaboration and resource sharing among groups, parishes and Environment Champions.

How to get involved

Feel free to forward the link at the top of the page to anyone who might be interested in becoming an Environmental Champion – we are hoping to increase the network. As it is early days, if you have any feedback on what you would like to see involved in the scheme please let us know.

Environmental Champions are vital to the success of the Somerset Council Climate Emergency Strategy, with a large focus on engaging with communities and creating resilient ecosystems. For further information, please email

There are no limits to the number of Environmental Champions that can sign up.

Environment Champion Winter event online on 15 February, and in-person on 22 February 2023

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Environment Champions Winter Event

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Environment Champions Summer Event - 24 August 2022

We packed a lot into our Summer Event.

  • We heard a run-down of the new Community Adaptation Toolkit for community spaces, which helps parishes and communities adapt their buildings to the impacts of climate change.
  • This was then followed by the then Sedgemoor District Council’s Ecologist Pete Grainger, updating us all on the successes of No Mow May at Apex Park, and how this impacted our wildlife in Sedgemoor.
  • We previewed an exciting new climate change video from the now-former Sedgemoor District Council, which will help residents to better understand the topic and inform them about what we’re doing as a council.
  • Finally, we discussed how the then Sedgemoor District Council, and now Somerset Council, can help communities, who want to organise their own litter picks and beach cleans during the Great British Beach Clean.

Environment Champion Spring Event - 27 April 2022

Last April, we were joined by Nigel Cox, a horticultural lecturer at Bridgwater College, for a talk on Sedgemoor’s wonderful wetlands. We also heard about the former Sedgemoor District Council’s No Mow May initiative at Apex Park, and Environment Champions spoke to us about the exciting projects they have been involved with so far that year. View the recording and presentation slides below.

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Wonderful Wetlands Presentation

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COP26: What does it mean for Sedgemoor

Sedgemoor District Council was pleased to report on the success of an online public event. It was hosted in collaboration with Burnham and Weston Energy, and the University of Exeter, addressing the outcomes of COP26.

The event took place on Wednesday 24 November 2021. It welcomed communities, stakeholders, and organisations across the district to identify the questions we still need to address to help us work better together in the remaining eight years to 2030 and beyond.

Through an engaging panel of experts, campaigners and policymakers, the event steered participants through the main conclusions of COP26. Topics discussed included what gaps need filling and what opportunities exist on a local level to accelerate our progress towards our carbon-neutral ambition.

Three breakout rooms covered the topics of local funding for climate projects, climate adaptation, and opportunities for businesses. Within these smaller discussions, there were valuable contributions from all attendees. The University of Exeter was able to draw out these important emerging themes:

  • We have the potential in this area to be leaders of climate action
  • To be successful, we need a route map and to decipher how we all, given the diverse networks involved and affected, work together
  • Local responsibility for meeting climate objectives lies with everyone in terms of what we do, and choosing who we work with including suppliers and partners
  • Clear, sensitive, communication is needed to increase understanding and enable change
  • There is value in those already taking action

Environment Champion Autumn Event - 15 September 2021

Our second Environment Champions event was a huge success, with Champions from all across the district joining to tell us about their successes, and the climate action they’ve been taking.

We heard from Neil, who has been planting wildflowers in Cannington, about the public response to this small, but powerful act of environmental protection. Andrea and Richard from the Berrow Conservation group spoke about the community engagement and conservation work they’ve been doing in the district, with help from many volunteers, students and experts in the area. Finally, Roy Osbourne told us all about the horse-logging, which happened in Stowey Wood throughout September and October 2021.

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Environment Champions Autumn Event

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Environment Champion launch event - 16 June 2021

We are so pleased at how our Environment Champion launch event went on 16 June 2021. We were able to virtually meet lots of champions from across the district, all keen to support climate action. We heard about lots of amazing projects residents are already involved in, as well as two inspirational speakers, who are supporting local climate projects in Sedgemoor. A massive thank you to everyone who attended.

We were able to record the first speaker, but unfortunately, there was a technical error, so Jolyon Chesworth and Steve Mewes were not captured in the recording. Feel free to watch the recording of Shelly Easton’s talk below. We apologise for this issue, but we are learning a lot about hosting online events, and next time will take extra precautions to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

Slides from Jolyon and Steve’s talks can be viewed here:

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Jolyon Chesworth – Team Wilder

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Document preview
Steve Mewes – Green Wedmore

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