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Children's Services

Data Controller – Somerset Council – ICO Registration Z5957592

Data Protection Officer contact –

Purposes for processing

  • Provision of education and associated services
  • Safeguarding children
  • Providing services to vulnerable families, troubled families, children in need and children with disabilities
  • Commissioning Sufficiency of Early Years and School places
  • Proving business support for children’s services
  • Providing Looked After placements, residential, fostering and adoption services
  • Provision of Youth Offending and Targeted Youth Services
  • Compact
  • Personalisation

Legal basis for processing

By law– Children’s Services is required by a number of UK laws and European Regulations and Directives to ensure the delivery of a number of statutory services.

Public task – Children’s Services deliver a number of services in the exercise of official authority or perform specific tasks in the public interest.

Legitimate interests – Children’s Services uses your personal data to support its legitimate interests to audit financial transactions, to ensure the quality of services, to correspond with customers, to answer enquiries, and to deal with complaints.

Consent – where no other lawful basis applies, the council will ask for your consent to process your personal data.

Data sharing – the personal data held and provided to Children’s Services will be shared with a range of partners in order that we can meet our statutory obligations and provide services.  Data sharing will only take place when it is lawful to do so and will be done in compliance with current data protection legislation.

Safeguarding – in cases where you or another member of the public may be at risk your personal information will be shared as necessary in order to protect from individuals from harm.

Other statutory obligations – in cases where the council is legally obliged to disclose your personal information in cases such as prevention or detection of crime or fraud your personal information will be shared.

Transfers abroad – your data will not be transferred abroad unless you are specifically informed at the point your data is collected.

Data retention – this data will be retained for a period determined by UK law and regulations, or in some cases to meet specific requirements of the service being provided. You will be informed of this at the point your data is collected.

Your rights – you have the right to ask Somerset Council for a copy of your data, the right to rectify or erase your personal data, and the right to object to processing. However, these rights are only applicable if the council has no other legal obligation concerning that data.

You also have the right to complain to the regulator – Information Commissioner’s Office (IOC).

Consequences – in some cases if you do not supply your information to us, we will not be able to provide you with the services we are obliged to provide by law or any supplementary service you have asked for.

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