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Information about the planned updates to the Glastonbury Abbey Piazza



Enhancing the entrance and main visitor experience. This will improve indoor and outdoor facilities for visitors and open up the connection with the town centre, benefiting the local economy.


Towns Fund:  £0.93m
Co-Funding:  £0.2m

Key project themes:

Improve Health and Wellbeing
Enhance Culture and Branding


Addresses the lack of visibility and accessibility of the Abbey for both residents and tourists.
Recognises the need for COVID-secure space where people can meet or exercise, enhancing wellbeing.

Project summary:

This project will significantly enhance the main entrance approaches and visitor reception facilities at Glastonbury Abbey improving its visibility, accessibility and physical connection to the town.

The project includes:

Creating an inviting approach and open piazza space for visitors and the local community.

Extending, refurbishing and modifying the current outdated shop and ticket office buildings to improve the experience for visitors and the environmental performance of the building.

Ensuring visitor facilities are more accessible and COVID-safe.  The outdoor toilet block is inadequate and in the current COVID19 circumstances are unusable. It will be demolished, and the current shop building extended into this space to accommodate replacement indoor accessible facilities that allow social distancing.


More people visiting Abbey space

Abbey is more financially viable and additional income generated for town centre businesses

Lead Organisation: Glastonbury Abbey

Last reviewed: March 25, 2023 by Keri

Next review due: September 25, 2023

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